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Fruits and vegetables produced by yourself, WITHOUT ANY type of pesticide, organic products thank our body as increase our standard of living. We create all healthy cooking recipes in an easy and creative way, allowing us also to reduce the cost of the basket have an “iron constitution”.

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This page is dedicated to lovers of culinary seasonings.
As good passionate about healthy foods could not be without my own home garden, I have several pots I usually watering once a week, except silver basil requiring irrigation on alternate days, I have in them the aromatic plants most used in the kitchen, the truth is that I lack the chives, I was always dry (do not know why), so I chose to buy it every time you use it and about Peppermint, also called herb garden is so abundant in this area (north of Spain), which need not have it planted at home, I just go for a walk in any way and I already find it.
Regarding the cilantro that is so used in South American cuisine, except in the Canary Islands, many of her recipes with this condiment, no doubt due to its heavy influence of American cuisine; in the rest of Spain only it found in very specific gourmet supermarkets and a hefty price.

Continuing with my home garden …… I basil, rosemary, parsley, oregano and thyme.
With all these herbs get interesting dressings every recipe that I present in each post.
For healthy salads I like aliñarlas with basil, thus mixed leaves of different lettuces, sometimes also garnish with a few leaves of thyme and of course, could not miss the olive oil and pink Himalayan salt (which only I have reserved for healthy salads).
All pasta recipes; and in general, of Italian cuisine are seasoned with oregano and thyme.
Peppermint always I pick up at the time of use, for which give me a ride through the countryside (very healthy and commendable habit), use it practically for drinks and cocktails.
Finally, cilantro, when I find it in gourmet shops, do not lose the opportunity to prepare healthy recipes for ceviche dish of Peruvian cuisine.
Parsley is an herb widely used in Spain, virtually all the leading stews recipes, healthy cooking, is used in cooking and then removed; I remember my grandmother every bouquet tied with a piece of rope on the handle of the squid and then remove it.


Whole Foods

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Could not miss on healthy food, olive oil, they are numerous qualities and health benefits, in addition to an excellent gastronomic seasoning, there is more to prepare all as healthy salads to our diets with olive oil check the richness of flavor and texture that brings us to the palate.
Among the many advantages that we produce consumption, it is rich in vitamin E and its antioxidant effect; and also polyphenols, antioxidant action that prevents cell aging and the formation of anti-cancer cells.
It helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol).
With respect to all fried recipes, the extra virgin olive oil, it infiltrates very little food because chemical changes that occur in the chips are small and slow. Besides crust is done in the food does not let his constituents from escaping; so it is the best olive oil for preparing all these recipes.
Besides tightening helps our bones, prevents the overabundance of cholesterol and fat assimilation.
The amount of fatty acids fully meets the nutritional requirements.

And remember: The practice of healthy lifestyle, along with healthy eating healthy and gives us an optimal quality of life.


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