We take this autumn fruit and as we walk through the countryside of the fig trees collect a few figs, to prepare a rich recipe of figs in syrup; whereas, moreover, if we follow the advice to make preserves, they will last all year.

The steps are:

We picked the figs with no bumps or bruises, which are not very green, we must take into account a state of optimum ripeness.

-For Every kilo of figs
-1 Kilo of sugar
-1 Liters of water
A piece of cinnamon

Let the recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!
Now we put in a pot to boil water, sugar and cinnamon, and for five minutes over medium heat, stir.
After this time we cover the pot, remove from heat and let stand overnight, to the mixture is well macerated.

The next day, we boil the content, add the figs clean, and leave it to medium heat for ten minutes; below we raise the heat to high and boil down five minutes.
After that, we take the figs with forceps, to avoid contact with hands, we are introducing in jars and do the same with the syrup, in this case we’ll pouring from a jug.
The content must be kept at a distance of a finger from the top to get hermetically sealed jars.

To make preserves and package them followed the advice I have stated on page canning.

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