White Bean Recipe
White Bean Recipe

Today Christmas Eve before my post is dedicated to the typical and traditional  Spanish Recipe, La Fabada Asturiana, useless would use every word in the dictionary to describe this dish is the exaltation of Spanish Cuisine, known worldwide from Spain to Beijing.
A very simple Recipe to make, one need only consider two premises, have a high quality raw materials and spend some time for slow cooking so with a unique result.
We go for the White Bean Recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

– 1 kg. White beans
– 2 sausages, 2 sausages (stuffing). Compango. (Chorizo, Morcilla, Jamón, Panceta, Lacón).
– 1 piece of jamon, 1 piece of bacon and 1 piece of bacon
– Half cup olive oil
– 1 tablespoon paprika
– Water and salt
We started the night before leaving the beans to soak overnight if we are going to cook in the evening as in the morning we will leave no less than 8 hours of soaking.
In the pot we have selected, place the stuffing and put it over the beans. We cover with water and add the olive oil and paprika; We turn on the heat to high.
Bring to the boil, let removing the foam that forms on the surface and lower the heat to low, so they go soft baking.
To remove not use the bucket because it can break the beans, can only be done by removing the pot so all ingredients are integrated and get a thick broth. And this, if we do it in a common pot will take about 2 hours to cook; but also what we can do with a pressure cooker in this case depends on the pot but in half an hour we can have done; if we open and the beans are a little hard, we can finish cooking over medium heat until done.
We can cook in the evening and so we have prepared for the next day 😉 (this is a highly prized culinary resource for those who work outside the home and arrive at noon just in time).
The recipe should be relaxed, the more rest better, the stock will be thicker and more tasty food as I mentioned in previous post:
Black Bean  Stew Recipe

Chickpea Stew Recipe






Chickpea Stew Recipe
Chickpea Stew Recipe

Here we go with an ideal time for this recipe, it’s time to eat healthy and homemade taste, and to do nothing better than a good stew of chickpeas.

– Half a kilo of chickpeas (serves 4) that let soak from the previous day.
– A carrot.
– 2 sausages cooking.
– Beef bone
– A piece of beef
Stew Recipe.
Chicken Soup Recipe.
– 2 potatoes.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!

This recipe will develop from two others, which as I told you is the basis of the tradional Spanish cuisine, also the Stew Recipe and Chicken Soup Recipes.
Well we started throwing the chickpeas in the pot, previously washed in tap water, add the chopped carrot, bone and meat.
Now add the chicken soup until we cover the ingredients well and 2 fingers left over.
We put to boil over high heat, when it starts to boil add the stew (sofrito) and sausages cooking, stir and lower the heat to medium; if we are using a pot expres the cover and let cook for 20-30 minutes.
Once rested and already can open, open it and add 2 peeled and cubed potatoes and return to boil 10 minutes.
I recommend this recipe at night, thus the next day already relaxed and thick broth, is ready to eat !!! Enjoy your meal !!!! 😉


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With this recipe I will start a series of posts related to the preparation of vegetables, LEGUMES.
Legumes are an ideal food, provide healthy energy with multiple nutritional properties for all ages. They, along with nuts pillar of the Mediterranean diet, with a superior protein source for animal.

Come up with the preparation of the recipe of cooked black beans, Let’s go Foodies !!!

– 300 grams of black beans
– 1 boiled egg
– A handful of white rice

The first is to prepare recipe sofrito, stew recipe, as I have indicated in a previous post.
Then pour water in a pot and beans, the water content should be two fingers above the beans; turn on high heat until it starts to boil.
Once it starts to boil, we pour the sauce and stir to combine.
If we do it in a pressure cooker we can put the lid and cook for 15 minutes, no more !.
If we do it in a normal pot, we go down the fire to medium and cook until the beans are soft.
Once you are done and add the handful of rice to the pot and cook 5 minutes more.
Already cooked fact, it is very easy eh ?, and you can not imagine how healthy it is.
Counsel to prepare the night before to rest well and stay a thick broth, when serving cut boiled egg and threw him over.



The essence of Spanish cuisine.
The sauce is the foundation of countless Spanish recipes in the kitchen, combines the old continent, olive oil, with the new continent, tomato.
We will provide the basis for recipes both fish, meat and vegetables and much of its excellent flavor is owed to the preparation of the sauce.
We can also do a fair amount of it and keep it in glass jars as I explained on the website of CANNING, in this way we have it ready for future recipes.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!! 😉

– Onion cut into cubes
– Garlic cut too often
– A bay leaf
– Crushed tomatoes
– Olive oil
– Salt
-Pimenton, Sweet, spicy or sour (according to the taste and the dish we are going to prepare).

We put a pan on medium heat and add onion and garlic and chopped, salted and turning down the heat, cover the pan and leave it several minutes until onion acquires a brownish color (this is the caramelization of the onions).
Below we add a teaspoon of paprika and bay leaf, stir it well and also leave a few minutes on very low heat.

Finally we add the grated tomato and let stir over low heat for about 15 minutes then turn off the heat and set aside.

The result is an excellent sauce.