We will continue with another “cold soup”, and of course, also typical of Andalusian cuisine, the Salmorejo.
Like the gazpacho is just as healthy, tasty and very, very rich in vitamins and antioxidants as raw material mainly is the tomato.

-7 Tomatoes
A little bread crumbs from the previous day (depending on individual taste, as it is to give thick soup)
Extra virgin olive -Olive
-A clove of garlic

Let’s go!!, Foodies 😉

It is very easy, very easy, processing, follow the same steps as Gazpacho Recipe.
We leave the tomatoes into pieces with garlic and went through the masher.
Next add the crumbs (you know the taste of each one to make it more or less thick); the generous jet oil vinegar and had another one minute for the blender to make it well mixed ….. and you’re ready for the refrigerator to cool.
To emplatarlo is seasoned with bits of ham, you know this as good in Spain; and it is well, well presented if we let a few minutes in the oven or microwave so that it will be perfect ……

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Let’s start with this dish of Andalusian cuisine, in addition to its properties and health benefits (it consists of vegetables and fruit, tomato) will bring us lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; side by side Salmorejo cold soup, is the most refreshing and tasty to eat in the summer months recipe.


-a Red pepper
-A Green pepper
Two medium cucumbers
Three tomatoes
-Half an onion
-A Garlic
A little vinegar
-A Generous splash of extra virgin olive oil

Let’s go!!!, Foodies 😉
All the vegetables cut into pieces, I personally do not cucumber hair, providing vitamins that say they have skin.
Once all peeled in a bowl, I add some water and a blender step without actually grind everything.
Then I go all the ingredients adding a potato masher to set aside the skin of tomatoes and peppers.

The trick to pass first through the blender a little, facilitate our work with the potato masher. 😉

Once this is done, only you need to add the splash of vinegar, salt and oil to taste, is passed back to the mixer so that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
We put it in the fridge before serving, so that it is chilly, chilly and very rich, very rich.
For the presentation goes to individual taste, are usually added a few pieces of pepper or cucumber, I personally only add a splash of oil since the cucumber skin and gives quite thick.
That ye be the last picture I prepared gazpacho.



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