The Cabbage Salad Recipe is very simple to perform, while very healthy as all the vegetables from our garden.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!, 😉

– Cabbage.
– Olive oil.
– Lemon.
– Salt.

When we have any kind of vegetable or fruit, the most important thing to do is wash well to remove any debris that may have.
We started removing the outer leaves and had to wash it under running water; Here’s what very often chop and removed the trunk; back to wash it in a container under the tap.
Chopped leaves and put in a pan with olive oil and salt over very low heat; He left by very slowly in its own juices.
When this tender and is removed from the fire, it served on a platter and a lemon squeezed over; optional also serve it with a little grated cheese, or ham, according to the taste of each.


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We will prepare a very healthy and easy recipe to make, it is related to other recipes I posted above; Salad Recipe and Baked Chard Recipe.
Let’s go, Foodies !!!

– Olive oil
– Salt.
– Juice of half a lemon.

First we must wash each leaf of chard so well that we make sure to remove any residue that may have.
Blanch the leaves in a pot of boiling water over medium-high heat for 5 minutes. Remove and reserve in a bowl.
As we prepare a vinaigrette in a bowl add olive oil, juice and salt slimes and spent half the blender so that all ingredients are blended.
Pour the vinaigrette over the chard leaves and longer spinach salad ready to eat.
Optionally we can cut a few cubes of cheese or grated cheese added.


We will make an entry in the form of avocado salad, and very easy to make with ingredients that vary according to the taste of diners or even to take some rest we have in the fridge.

– An avocado
– A few gulas
– 4 mussels
– Thawed crab 1pata
– 4 cooked prawns
– For the vinaigrette: a little red, green, pepper vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
– salt
– For cocktail sauce: tomato sauce, mayonnaise, a teaspoon of brandy, a few drops of Perrins sauce.

– Presentation with a few leaves of salad and Modena balsamic reduction.

Let’s go, Foodies!! 😉

Here we go, we open first half avocado and took the nugget and meat, being careful not to break it (it is very easy to peel if the avocado is ripe, “in point” to consume).
Booked the skin and the flesh into small cubes depart reserving with Nugget to be no “oxide” to consumption.
We will mix the remaining ingredients; the guides with mussels halved, starting leg crab taquitos ……. reserve.
Prepare the vinaigrette; departed in very small pieces of diced green and red peppers add a splash of vinegar other extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, mix and set aside.
We make the cocktail sauce by mixing mayonnaise and tomato sauce, a teaspoon of brandy and a few drops of Perrins, mix and set aside.

Finally we mix tacos avocado with the remaining ingredients, place two prawns each avocado half, add the vinaigrette and mix well everything, incorporate a shell avocado and at one end add the pink sauce and this is the result ……….

Avocado Starter

Avocado Starter

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