Today we will cook a fish broth which like the Chicken Soup Recipe from a previous post, we will provide a basis for numerous Recipes of seafood, as well as for Recipes paella, in which the both fish broth and add to chicken is cooking, in my view, the main ingredient.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!
– 1 leek
– 2 carrots
– half an onion
– a clove of garlic
– Navo means
– A bunch of parsley
– A bunch of celery
– olive oil
– salt

– And fish (Here we use either from head or spinal hake any fish, my advice so that it is truly exquisite use of rape half a head, the result is worth it).

Well, just add all these ingredients into the pot and finally the water, we’ll here a lot to save the broth in the freezer ready for future recipes.
I have already commented on the post of Chicken Soup Recipe that is ideal for use tetrabrick freeze, I use my remaining empty milk after washing them well.
The cooking time for this recipe is relative, if we want a smoked let it boil about 10 minutes, if we get a broth with more body left half an hour, both high heat.
And you’re ready !!.


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Today’s late autumn so if we stay at home and take the opportunity to prepare an exceptional and so easy to do as some pancakes recipe.
The ingredients you will need are basic:
– 200 grams of flour.
– Half a liter of milk.

– 2 tablespoons sugar
– 3 eggs.
– salt.

This recipe is a snap, but has a secret to us that they are yummy when we do it in the pan to take a fair amount that we remain very fine, otherwise they will seem rather we’re making pancakes.
Well once told the secret, let’s recipe for pancakes.!

Let’s go, Foodies !!!
In a bowl mix the ingredients in a blender and then put 2 or 3 pans in the fire (to go faster), each with a drop of olive oil.
Then I’ll casting using a mix egret … what good stretch across the pan, so they are very thin, when available on the one hand give them back, using two wooden spoons or air as de me 😉
Once I made the right depositing in a tray sprinkled with sugar or with nothing, so that everyone who wants to complement, jam, Nutella will take ….
And ….. We can now call friends to tea, this recipe will not lose a second !!!.


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We take this autumn fruit and as we walk through the countryside of the fig trees collect a few figs, to prepare a rich recipe of figs in syrup; whereas, moreover, if we follow the advice to make preserves, they will last all year.

The steps are:

We picked the figs with no bumps or bruises, which are not very green, we must take into account a state of optimum ripeness.

-For Every kilo of figs
-1 Kilo of sugar
-1 Liters of water
A piece of cinnamon

Let the recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!
Now we put in a pot to boil water, sugar and cinnamon, and for five minutes over medium heat, stir.
After this time we cover the pot, remove from heat and let stand overnight, to the mixture is well macerated.

The next day, we boil the content, add the figs clean, and leave it to medium heat for ten minutes; below we raise the heat to high and boil down five minutes.
After that, we take the figs with forceps, to avoid contact with hands, we are introducing in jars and do the same with the syrup, in this case we’ll pouring from a jug.
The content must be kept at a distance of a finger from the top to get hermetically sealed jars.

To make preserves and package them followed the advice I have stated on page canning.

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Something so easy to prepare and take as healthy as a fruit: the tomato.
Imperative that no tomatoes are in camera or rather from the refrigerator, it is important to keep them in an area of the home that is cooler, of course, another option is to take them to the ground every time we buy. 😉

The latter for those who are lucky to have a garden at home!.

Tomatoes retain their aroma and their properties alone make this gesture that I just discussed, do not put them in the fridge !!!.

To prepare the salad, we only sprinkle with olive oil and extra virgin if it is much better and salt, ideally, pink Himalayan salt or salt in petals, to give two examples. And ready here we have one of the most antioxidants recipes and nature prevents us from innumerable related diseases poor eating habits.

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Fish is a food rich in proteins, it also contains all essential amino acids it is also a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, especially oily fish, …. vitamins, minerals.
I start with this post dedicated to cod



We will prepare a recipe Cod, very easy, very nutritious, very healthy.


-200 Gr. cod.
-2 Frying potatoes.
-1 Onion.
-3 eggs.
Get out, (carefully) !!!!
-olive Oil extra virgin.
-Aderezo: Parsley and black olives.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

We can buy fresh cod and desalted, either serve us; in the case of salted cod desalting we will make it 48 hours changing the water every 6-8 hours and leaving it in the fridge in the meantime.

We boil water in a saucepan, when it starts to boil add the pieces of cod and blanch until the slices are separated.
After blanching, the retired we took the thorns and reserve.
Cut the onion into strips and add to a pan with extra virgin olive oil, sauté it over low heat.
On the other hand cut potatoes in the form of “straw” (that is, very, very, thin); Once you fried the reserve.

Once we have the poached onions, blanched and fried cod belt potatoes, and mix it all together all the ingredients very well so that they are fully integrated (so it is important that the potatoes are cut very thin).

Beat three eggs with a little salt, add the mixture and we pour into the pan with a little oil, let cook over very low heat, stirring constantly to prevent sticking to the pan nor burn.
The gilded few minutes.
Once this is done, it plated and garnish with parsley and black olives and Ready ….. !!!!!

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