What better than to start the day with a good dose of beta carotene, antioxidants and vitamins all contained in a pumpkin 😉
We will prepare an easy and healthy recipe, cream of pumpkin, we can complement our weekly menus with pumpkin puree recipe I posted in a previous post.

 Let’s go, Foodies !!!!
– Half a kilo of pumpkin
– 2 potatoes
– 1 spring onion
– Average garlic
– 100 ml. cream
– Salt and pepper and olive oil

We started chopping all the ingredients, pumpkin (do not peel, when baking is soft), potatoes, onions and garlic.
Pour all ingredients in a pot, we take water to cover the contents and finally add a splash of oil, salt and pepper, and put them to cook over high heat for a few minutes.
When all the ingredients are well cuddly, remove from heat.
Next we all for a potato masher and add the cream, go through the blender; it is ready!!! we have our recipe for pumpkin cream, now we only need to serve and decorate, to do this we can choose to take a stream of olive oil or, put a few pieces of ham or fry some vegetables like broccoli or asparagus and place above the cream. Anyone is a spectacular result.




Come autumn and cold feel like taking a hot plate for toning the body; and also we are building in early November, we will prepare a rich pumpkin puree recipe.
The pumpkin is a food rich in carotenoids, just break it and appreciate the orange leaves our hands; It is also a vegetable rich in antioxidants.
It is a wonderful recipe for Halloween night, 😉 😉

– 500 g of pumpkin
– half an onion
– Average garlic
– 1 medium potato
– 2 carrots
– A bunch of parsley
– olive oil

– salt
– Water (the amount of water according to taste, if you like the thick puree just take an amount of water to cover the ingredients plus 3 fingers).

Let’s go, Foodies !!!

We started pouring into a pot all ingredients chopped onion, garlic, potatoes and carrots cut into pieces, parsley to flavor at the end of the cooking withdraw, salt, oil, pumpkin does not peel failure, we can be very expensive if too hard; you only have to break it into pieces. And finally the water, we take the full amount according to the taste of each.
Put the pot over medium-high heat to a boil when we left about 15 or 20 minutes more, turn off the heat (which we always remove the bunch of parsley before starting to prepare the puree) crush all the ingredients with a wooden spoon to integrate and will be easier to pass through the food mill.
Once finished with the potato masher, we can use a blender to puree pumpkin is us thinner and you’re ready to serve.

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