Surely with the Recipe for sweet dumplings walnut we have prepared a few days ago, we had some leftover stuffing; Well here is a recipe to use it and prepare a deluxe breakfast, this is a Recipe for walnut pastry.
We need a sheet of puff pastry (of which are sold in supermarkets) and nut filling recipe sweet nut pies.

We’ll take the puff pastry sheet, we left at room temperature at least half an hour before working. We light the oven to maximum temperature.
Below we put the pastry on a baking paper and stretch a little roll, we take the long walnut stuffing and close the dough.
We introduce in the oven, carefully because it will do in about 15 minutes.
When well done take it out and sprinkle with icing sugar; and now this !!! Ready for breakfast.

I drew up a half hour before breakfast to serve warm with coffee, certainly will not overrun nothing 😉


This is a quick way to make the recipe, since we bought the estate. We can also prepare ourselves pastry; It is a rather long recipe but is not complicated, just prepare a dough, make a cross and then work it with a piece of butter placed in the center;It takes us longer because we must leave at least 2 hours in the refrigerator before praparar cake and this post does not compensate us so much work, so I’ve chosen to use a purchased mass.