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Cod with Pig´s trotters



First and foremost, this recipe is for cleaning the hands; we do it under the tap and in a bowl with very cold water, ice and salt.

– We use 4 or 5 trotters.
– 2 medium onions.
– 2 cloves of garlic.
– 2 carrots.
– Grated tomato.
– 2 glasses of white wine.
– Sweet and spicy peppers.
Olive oil, salt, a sheet of laurel.
– A piece of ham (jamón) cut into squares.
– Ñora a pepper for the Stew (optional).

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉

Then, we put the trotters in a pot and let it boil over high heat.
By the time they start to boil add the seasonings, a bay leaf, half an onion and 2 medium carrots, a jet of white wine and finally the salt; and we continue boiling.
If you use a pressure cooker left it closed about 15 minutes, however the hands should be soft.

In a saucepan we prepare the sauce:
add olive oil, a chopped medium onion, garlic, also finely chopped, grated tomatoes, cubed ham, and peppers; we left about 10 minutes over medium heat.
After this time, add half a glass of white wine. We left a few minutes over low heat so that the ingredients are blended.
Now slowly add the resulting broth to cook the trotters well as the same Pig´s trotters to go by becoming gradually; At first the fire should be medium and go by downloading gradually to be made slowly, stirring constantly. So for about an hour and you are ready to enjoy .!!!

Pig´s Trotters Recipe
Pig´s Trotters Recipe

A variation of this recipe is to prepare trotters as the basis of a cod fillet, as I stated in the photograph at the top.
You only have to boil in a saucepan prepare itself apart cod and mashed potatoes.
To put the pig´s trotters recipe  over mashed potatoes on top and cod. Ready!!!!

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“Offal” is the culinary term that refers to the entrails of an animal.
In Spain the use of offal in kitchen has a long tradition since ancient times and extending to many places; from Madrid with his “tripe”, Asturias and Castilla with braised “veal tongue”, testicles, liver and onions, pigs’ trotters ……. until the sausage itself, sausage, ham, cured meat, black pudding, but this is not the issue at hand.

In the culinary aspect is more important to consider when performing Offal Recipes is definitely cleaning the pieces will cook.
So corns, for example, we will have to leave them to soak in water and vinegar for a whole day and then with a knife throwing away the dark and dirty parts, for followed by washing in water.
To clean the trotters use very cold water, even mixed with ice cubes so stop the bleeding; if we cook the same tongue, liver, sweetbreads and so on.

In short, we cherish the maximum hygiene.

Offal and traditional dish of the world gastronomy was first used by the poorer classes in order to maximize the killing of the animal, calves, sheep, pigs ……
Today, Offal Recipes have gone from being a marginal plate, cheap ingredients, it has to be an exaltation of haute cuisine, prepared with great care and the highest creativity; once cooked by experts, products become pure deliccatessen.
Not everyone likes this kind of product, sometimes it may seem to “gore kitchen”; but, increasingly, the restaurants are including offal recipes in his letter.
In the capital of Spain all the restaurants are among its creations dish tripe, dish and we began to consume the news from 1599; and a recipe very demanded by bullfighting fans to the exits of bullfights, where they were consumed in taverns.
What follows is a straight offal, which are the most typical dishes of this type of cuisine, hoping to expand later.

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