One of the most popular recipes for fish with both summer and autumn season, hake is a white fish that we find very often in the fisheries and therefore also offer a lot of versatility in their preparation is a recipe for fish more popular.
Let’s go, Foodies !!!, 😉

-The Slices of hake
A glass of white wine
A glass of fish stock
-3 Garlic cloves
Half an onion finely chopped into cubes
-Chilli (To taste)
-Olive oil and salt

We will make a recipe that has some difficulty, but the result will make us the effort; Let’s go there!!
We started putting a pan or paella pan to medium-low heat, threw a jet of olive oil, the finely chopped garlic and chopped onion also, we leave for a while but in no time it begins to brown.
On the other side in a pan fry slices previously salted hake; and reserve.
Below we focus on the pan of garlic and onions, because from here we will make the pil pil, that we saw in the recipe for clams.
A simmering we are preparing the onion and garlic and we are adding carefully and in very small amounts of fish soup, stirring constantly ……
Once connected we are adding sauce chilli and wine, also very slowly so that the sauce is not all cut and simmered, which will take us about two hours.
When we have the ready pil pil add slices of hake and let simmer a half hour occasionally shaking the pan to make it all well linked. The following can be added as decoration some chopped parsley and serve; Or clams in which case we will leave about 10 minutes with the pan covered until all open. We can also add some peas (if not previously have canned the boil) or studs, that the taste of each. And you’re ready to serve !!!

Recipe Pil Pil
Recipe Pil Pil
 Slice of Hake
Slice of Hake


Welcome Autumn!!!!

It has already come fall, to prepare warm clothing, hats, scarves, school books and meals ………. a little more elaborate than give us support to bring down temperature .

I’ve already been on the market and have found pumpkins, carrots, nuts, berries ….. and all possible variety of fruits and vegetables of autumn, which will be the star ingredients to prepare a whole recipes easy and scrumptious.
We are in a season of the year ideal for cooking, because we have a wide variety of products that we will prepare a variety of recipes for healthy food.

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Recipe chicken broth to serve only with some croutons or as essential ingredient in other dishes like vegetable purees recipes, lentils, chickpeas recipes and other vegetables, game recipes, recipes offal.
Recipe preserves, blackberry jam, apple jam, quince.
From today we start with the hot dishes of whole recipes.

Whole Food
Whole Food

No doubt we are in the season most conducive to making healthy cooking and preparing fruits of the season to consume the rest of the year, for this we will see all Recipes for Canning.


Apple Tree
Apple Tree
Autumn Landscape
Autumn Landscape