Baked Fish Recipe


Baked Tubot Recipe

Today we are going to prepare a quick and very healthy dish, it is ideal for our daily meals so we complete a healthy diet alternating with the cooked ones. ( And Stew Recipes by my blog).

The first thing to keep in mind when we are at the fishmonger is to select the fresh fish and ask them to prepare it for the oven.
In this case, there is a wide variety in the market from the turbot (is the one I will prepare in this recipe), old, golden, red mullet, sea bass …….

What I usually do with fish products is to buy them the day they come from the rula, for this, I ask the fishmonger the day the fish enters the supermarket; Is a very effective way to buy the best product quality.

If I notice that there is a lot of variety, I always buy blue and white fish that I keep in specific bags in the freezer; So I make sure to have products available at home and incidentally, freezing them eliminated any chance of bacterium they might have.

Well, after this introduction we go to what is the preparation of the Baked Fish Recipe.

First as I said we bought the fresh fish and prepared for the oven, in this recipe there are only 5 ingredients:


1- Fatty salt
2- 2 Lemons
3- Water
4- Olive oil
5- White or blue fish.


The preparation is very easy, place the fish in the oven tray and anoint it with oil (preferably olive oil) and salt.
Then we squeeze the lemons (with the hands, it is not necessary to use a juicer). Let us know about the two parts of the fish. We reserved 2 lemon peels to place them in the same oven tray next to the fish and fill them with a little water, so that it is not too dry in the oven.

Finally, prepare the oven at maximum power and place the tray in the middle to avoid burning the top. Depending on the size of the fish that we are doing will be the time that is in the oven, I calculate a half hour at maximum power and do not need to turn it.

The result is a healthy and exquisite cuisine very easy and very fast to cook this sies fastfood but healthy; We will accompany it with a delicious salad that we can prepare while cooking the fish in the oven.

I hope you liked it and I would like you to give me your opinion 😉 Thank You.

Fresh Fish



One of the most popular recipes for fish with both summer and autumn season, hake is a white fish that we find very often in the fisheries and therefore also offer a lot of versatility in their preparation is a recipe for fish more popular.
Let’s go, Foodies !!!, 😉

-The Slices of hake
A glass of white wine
A glass of fish stock
-3 Garlic cloves
Half an onion finely chopped into cubes
-Chilli (To taste)
-Olive oil and salt

We will make a recipe that has some difficulty, but the result will make us the effort; Let’s go there!!
We started putting a pan or paella pan to medium-low heat, threw a jet of olive oil, the finely chopped garlic and chopped onion also, we leave for a while but in no time it begins to brown.
On the other side in a pan fry slices previously salted hake; and reserve.
Below we focus on the pan of garlic and onions, because from here we will make the pil pil, that we saw in the recipe for clams.
A simmering we are preparing the onion and garlic and we are adding carefully and in very small amounts of fish soup, stirring constantly ……
Once connected we are adding sauce chilli and wine, also very slowly so that the sauce is not all cut and simmered, which will take us about two hours.
When we have the ready pil pil add slices of hake and let simmer a half hour occasionally shaking the pan to make it all well linked. The following can be added as decoration some chopped parsley and serve; Or clams in which case we will leave about 10 minutes with the pan covered until all open. We can also add some peas (if not previously have canned the boil) or studs, that the taste of each. And you’re ready to serve !!!

Recipe Pil Pil
Recipe Pil Pil
 Slice of Hake
Slice of Hake


Recipe Octopus
Recipe Octopus



We will prepare itself a typical top Spanish cuisine, the Galician octopus, is a very easy to prepare dish I particularly like an edited video on youtube chef Jose Andres which gives a simple cooking class, here the link I leave.
-A Octopus
-Get out, fat
-Olive oil
Sweet or spicy -Pimenton

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!, Let´s Recipe for Octopus;-)

Once we bought the octopus, we can freeze at least 1 day, so that this softer.
Once thawed, we remove and wash it with a knife the “one” that has at its center.
The next step is to fill a pot with water and a sprig of laurel and proceed to “scare the octopus,” that is, we introduce into the water as hot and take it out and so on about 3 times (see as they beginto curl the tentacles). Now we add a handful of coarse salt and plunged about 20 minutes to cook for.
After 20 minutes the skewers to see if it is already soft and introduce some small potatoes (cachelos), cook 10 minutes remaining.
After 30 minutes we click the octopus and potatoes if they are soft and proceed to remove them.
Cut the tentacles of the octopus with scissors and we’ll put on a plate with boiled potatoes around, finally garnish with olive oil and paprika or hot according to the taste of each; and already, ready to serve.



A typical tapa in every bar in Spain are the marinated anchovies, it is a ceviche, since the anchovies are “cooked” with lemon or vinegar as that we want to prepare. Let’s go for this much desired recipe ……

– Anchovies
– Vinegar or lemon juice or lime (to taste each) –
– Extra virgin olive oil.
– Garlic and parsley
– To the accompaniment can be used olives and crisps.

Let’s go, Foodies !! 😉
We will “convert a dish of Peruvian cuisine in one of the most classic Spanish tapas.
In the fish we asked the cleaned anchovies (head and guts); once at home is very advisable to freeze at least 24 hours to prevent the spread of anisakis.

Once you spend at least 24 hours thawed and washed well, removing any debris that might have. Below we set out the half (lengthwise) and carefully removing him let the fish skin.

We are going standing in a tupperware and sprinkle well with vinegar or lime or lemon, you know according to the taste of each if you like stronger or less strong flavor, then add them to the sliced ​​garlic and let it marinate all night in the fridge.
In the morning, or when we go to eat them out of the refrigerator, we throw the vinegar and add a splash of vinegar and a extra virgin olive oil; Very often we decorate with chopped parsley and olives ….. And ready to serve.


We will now prepare another recipe with cod is just as simple to post cod previous bras.



Here’s another recipe easy to prepare cod, this time the loin or cod fillets we are going to prepare in a dish in the oven.

– 1 or 2 cod fillets 200 gr. approx. each (according to diners who are having and appetite).
– 1 Potato
– 1 Onion
– Half red pepper
– A little flour
-Olive oil
– Dressing: parsley and black olives and 2 lettuce leaves to put on each side of the fountain.

Here we go …. Let’s go Foodies!!!!;

As in the previous Recipe, if cod is desalted, we must leave it in a tupperware with water in the fridge for 48 hours at least, changing the water every 6 or 8 hours.

We started cutting potatoes into thin slices, salt it and go through the pan with oil until they begin to brown, remove and reserve.
Then cut the onion into strips and the average pepper, salted and poached in a pan, you can use the previous pan, remove and reserve.
Now gilded cod loin, previously coated in a little flour, is not recommended as putting salt cod is already salty enough especially if you’re using one desalted; also we have already salted the remaining ingredients; (But this is consumer taste).
Brown them a bit and booked.

Finally we prepare the baking dish; first we put the potatoes and then put a bit of fried onion and pepper in the bottom of the fountain placed over the back of cod and pour the remaining sauce on the side.
We put the dish in the oven preheated to 180 degrees, leaving about 15 minutes at the same temperature; and ready to enjoy …..

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Fish is a food rich in proteins, it also contains all essential amino acids it is also a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, especially oily fish, …. vitamins, minerals.
I start with this post dedicated to cod



We will prepare a recipe Cod, very easy, very nutritious, very healthy.


-200 Gr. cod.
-2 Frying potatoes.
-1 Onion.
-3 eggs.
Get out, (carefully) !!!!
-olive Oil extra virgin.
-Aderezo: Parsley and black olives.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

We can buy fresh cod and desalted, either serve us; in the case of salted cod desalting we will make it 48 hours changing the water every 6-8 hours and leaving it in the fridge in the meantime.

We boil water in a saucepan, when it starts to boil add the pieces of cod and blanch until the slices are separated.
After blanching, the retired we took the thorns and reserve.
Cut the onion into strips and add to a pan with extra virgin olive oil, sauté it over low heat.
On the other hand cut potatoes in the form of “straw” (that is, very, very, thin); Once you fried the reserve.

Once we have the poached onions, blanched and fried cod belt potatoes, and mix it all together all the ingredients very well so that they are fully integrated (so it is important that the potatoes are cut very thin).

Beat three eggs with a little salt, add the mixture and we pour into the pan with a little oil, let cook over very low heat, stirring constantly to prevent sticking to the pan nor burn.
The gilded few minutes.
Once this is done, it plated and garnish with parsley and black olives and Ready ….. !!!!!

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Baked Cod Recipe

CLAMS RECIPE (Seafood recipes)


A popular recipe is the “clams”, a dish that serves both as a first as a starter, easy to prepare as we always flirting good sauce, that is, we get it right pil pil, which It is nothing more than link the oil with water clams; and what is the trick or secret to us is well ?; it is none other than done at very low temperatures, in my case I do it with a hob to level “2”.
– Half a kilo of clams (leave them to soak in water until ready to cook to remove sand).
-half an onion
-a garlic
white-wine (a jet)
-aderezo: parsley
-olive oil
Let’s go, Let’s go Foodies, 😉
We open the clams in a pan over high heat with a little, very little water and capped to open faster.
As the shells and reserve Fire separated from peeling.
A pan over low heat, like I said I cook at No. 2 hob, pour a stream of olive oil, cut the onion into small cubes and the same with the garlic, I put it in the pan and let fry in no moment is golden brown (optional if you like spicy chili to add an sofrito), add a little salt.
Let them do a good time; and I repeat that at no time without onion or garlic; likewise will agragando a splash of broth and clams stir slowly in a circular and very constant, (this is the way to make the pil pil), keep adding broth squirts while still stirring, the sauce has to go thickening, already have it!, Excellent pil pil !.
Then we add the splash of white wine and leave until all the alcohol evaporates, while still stirring with wooden spoon or shaking the pan with mild to blend the ingredients blows; and all this, I still have the level 2 on my hob.
At the time of serving the previous sofrito add the clams and open fire and left a minute and is ready to serve, it is well decorate with a few sprigs of parsley or parsley cut very often.
I put the pictures of the past that I have prepared.


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