Clams with Beans
Clams with Beans

This recipe is closely related to the one just published, white Beans Recipe and one of my first post and one of my favorite recipes, which never fails my Christmas meals, Clams Recipe.
Typical dishes of the cuisine of northern Spain, and therefore an exaltation of the Spanish Cuisine.
Withe Beans with clams Recipe, very simple to perform.

Let the recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!! 😉

– 1 kg. white beans.
– 1/2 kg of clams.
– Parsley.
– 1 onion.
– 1 clove of garlic.
– Olive oil and salt.

Come I said in the previous post prescription white beans, in this case we leave the beans to soak the night before.
The first thing we do the next day is the bean stew; to pour it in the pot, the water we cover, so that we exceed at least one finger, add the onion and finely chopped garlic, parsley and a splash of olive oil.
Below let it boil over medium heat, we must monitor not to remain without water, and they always have a surplus level finger, in this way we stay a very tasty and filling soup.

We prepare clams apart by Clams Recipe.

Finally, we mix the pil pil with clams into the pot of beans and we continue to a boil over low heat so that the ingredients are blended, add salt. And you’re ready to enjoy !!!

CLAMS RECIPE (Seafood recipes)


A popular recipe is the “clams”, a dish that serves both as a first as a starter, easy to prepare as we always flirting good sauce, that is, we get it right pil pil, which It is nothing more than link the oil with water clams; and what is the trick or secret to us is well ?; it is none other than done at very low temperatures, in my case I do it with a hob to level “2”.
– Half a kilo of clams (leave them to soak in water until ready to cook to remove sand).
-half an onion
-a garlic
white-wine (a jet)
-aderezo: parsley
-olive oil
Let’s go, Let’s go Foodies, 😉
We open the clams in a pan over high heat with a little, very little water and capped to open faster.
As the shells and reserve Fire separated from peeling.
A pan over low heat, like I said I cook at No. 2 hob, pour a stream of olive oil, cut the onion into small cubes and the same with the garlic, I put it in the pan and let fry in no moment is golden brown (optional if you like spicy chili to add an sofrito), add a little salt.
Let them do a good time; and I repeat that at no time without onion or garlic; likewise will agragando a splash of broth and clams stir slowly in a circular and very constant, (this is the way to make the pil pil), keep adding broth squirts while still stirring, the sauce has to go thickening, already have it!, Excellent pil pil !.
Then we add the splash of white wine and leave until all the alcohol evaporates, while still stirring with wooden spoon or shaking the pan with mild to blend the ingredients blows; and all this, I still have the level 2 on my hob.
At the time of serving the previous sofrito add the clams and open fire and left a minute and is ready to serve, it is well decorate with a few sprigs of parsley or parsley cut very often.
I put the pictures of the past that I have prepared.


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