Come up with a simple cup cake or muffins, but we are going to fill it with chocolate shavings as decoration.
-3 eggs
-250 Gr. milk
-1 On yeast (leavening for pastries)
-250 Gr. olive oil
-200 Gr. of sugar
-375 Gr. Of flour
-zest lemon (zest is important to add at least half a lemon, because it gives a delicious flavor to the cake)
– a bit of salt

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉
This Recipe is simple, beat well for a few minutes the egg yolks (this is optional, on the one hand can beat the egg whites until stiff, or beat the whole egg at a time).
If we beat them yolks add sugar and continue beating, add now clear and continue beating; add lemon zest, milk and oil and mix everything well.
Finally add the flour mixed with yeast; and we beat.
Let the mixture stand covered with plastic wrap for half an hour (until it starts to look fermentation).
Prepare cup cake molds or a large cake pan and baked at 200 degrees about 20 minutes Ready !!! we have already. To see if you are ready, prick several muffins with a knife comes out clean already.

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