Chicken meat, is currently the cheapest on the market, in addition to this and due to its price even pays off fatten chickens with chicken or chemically unhealthy substances for our body, since economically compensated; therefore consuming chicken meat in addition to savings in practice shopping cart are consuming one of the healthiest meats for our body.

Made this introduction will prepare in this post the Roast Chicken Recipe, which we will be very useful when you do not have much time to cook or want to prepare a low-fat recipe, accompanied by a salad, prove a formidable meal.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!! ,, 😉


– A chicken or chicken parts, stringer, back, wings ….
– Olive oil
– Lemon and salt.
– A bay leaf (optional).

We light the oven to maximum.

We started putting the pieces of chicken in a baking pan, we spread the olive oil, salted or squeeze half lemon, according to the amount of chicken that we will prepare, over the meat.

We put the pan in the oven and we will be turning the meat every 15 minutes or so until it is fully gold while we are going watering with juice.
Moreover as with the Roast Lamb Recipe and roast in general all is essential to monitor the amount of water in the pan; if there is too much water, the skin of the flesh did not stay crispy and if there is little water, burn the skin; therefore, every time we turn the chicken water correct, ie, if this dry griddle pour some water over the meat, we can also take water mixed with lemon juice, so until fully browned on all parts.

In case we cook a whole chicken in the carnage we leave it completely clean and at home, we tie it with twine, from the neck to the uprights, so we avoid disposing while cooking. Also we spread olive oil and salt inside.



Chicken Soup Recipe
Chicken Soup Recipe

The cold is beginning ?; let’s warm up with a cup of chicken soup that also, we provide the basis for other many recipes.
-A piece of chicken
-Beef bone
-A piece of beef for stew
-A Bunch of celery
-A Bunch of parsley
Two medium carrots

-Half an onion
-A Garlic
-A Cut leek, green part will include, wash it well so that it contains earth.
-A Jet olive oil

Let’s go, Foodies !!!
Let us therefore chicken soup recipe is very easy to make.

To take all the ingredients to pot, add water, amount according to need; for example, to let him do some broth and another to prepare stews or cooked. If you want to freeze tetrabrick empty cans of milk, I wash well, fill with the broth and the freezer.
The tetrabrick is the best container for freezing liquids.
Once we have everything in the pot ready, we turn on the heat to high; Bring to the boil going foaming (remove with a slotted spoon foam that forms on the top). And so let it cook for about an hour.

If we do so we leave the pressure cooker about fifteen minutes; We left resting until it cools and now this.
Once cool, the tagged, let stand in the refrigerator and from two hours when fat is formed on top retired with a tablespoon, also can sneak another bowl with a cloth, so remove all traces of fat.
And you’re ready to eat.

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