Padron peppers Recipe


A Spanish classical cover to accompany meat or fish or just serve alone as a starter or to accompany a wine or beer.
Very easy to cook, only click the peppers with a knife or fork to not jump to fry us.
We put on the fire a pan with plenty of olive oil, when hot oil well, toss the peppers one or two minutes, remove and sprinkle with the coarse salt, and is ready for tasting. 😉

Padron peppers
Padron peppers


I go to prepare a delicious appetizer with olives, olive oil, which I bought this morning and herbs of my little kitchen garden.
The starters of olives are typical here in Spain to accompany drinks and vermouths, which often occur as well marinated or, in my case I have prepared with the following ingredients.

– Some fresh thyme
– Some fresh oregano
– Some fresh parsley
– Extra virgin olive oil
– a bit of salt
– Half a teaspoon of cumin
– A little paprika
– A little garlic
– A few drops of lemon
– A sprig of laurel
– nutmeg
Let’s go,Foodies !!! 😉

All these ingredients I have crushed in a mortar, but the laurel, then I put the olives in a tupperware and pour over them the paste, I place amid laurel and let marinate overnight.
The result is as follows…….