By home-canned fruits and vegetables they are minimally processed by ourselves allowing us optimal preservation for consumer durables.
The importance of having a small garden that takes us more fruits and vegetables used in our kitchen we reported some health benefits usually do not value. It is a recipe that can give us besides optimizing the cost of the basket.


A simple process from the garden to the jar.

The cleaning of containers and care is the key raw material for proper preparation of home-canned foods.

Canned, both sweet and savory dishes are easy to prepare, comfortable to prepare the daily menu and a way to tap the harvest and excess production. Although they have been doing life, home canning are currently booming more than ever.
More and more those who dare to maintain the freshness of the garden in jars; and especially for those people who want to eat healthy.
With canned stop time is achieved more natural and tasty products, which would otherwise be lost, even in many cases ecological raw material is chosen.
In times of collection it is time to save all year for sweet and salty in the pantry of the house. The most common are perhaps canned fruit jams to serve breakfast or tomato sauces. However, today could be interminable.Ademas list of vegetables and fruits, it is also usual to retain previously cooked products like soups.
You could actually make any recipe preserved.
And this is a way to lead a healthy and wholesome diet.

Sweet Preserves
Sweet Preserves

Canned allow you to save the essence of land and production advantage.
Fill jars with products from your farm, apples, blackberries, figs, currants, peppers, tomatoes ……

With all jams, compotes, or roasted sweet to eat at home or as gifts are made.

Give produces canned one can be a precious gift, since, in addition to healthy food, these giving your time.

The process of elaboration of canned no secrets, have to like the truth, and bear in mind that the most important thing is hygiene.

Regardless of the product to be used, the key to success lies in a good sterilization of packaging. So the use of glass jars, which requires boiling as a first step, for fifteen to thirty minutes in a large pot in order to avoid the presence of mold inside canned recommended. This process can also be carried out in an oven at 100 degrees Celsius.
For future canning jars can be reused, but the lids are recommended because they can be oxidized.

Once the containers are ready, we move to select the product that is to be introduced in each of them. At this point the cleanup is still very important. Only those products that are in good state and without bumps or bruises will be chosen.

With fruits can also prepare jams and sweets, jellies, purees, or syrups. In the case of vegetables, the options are: pickled, blanched or just natural.
Then the material is introduced into the jars, trying never touch inside. It is best to use tweezers. The content has to be a top finger to ensure optimal preservation.

The closure of the boats should be done carefully and can use a cloth for greater pressure. Then, they cook the squid in a water bath for thirty-five minutes, or in the oven at a temperature of one hundred degrees Celsius. In the case of using a pot, it is recommended that wide fund to keep the jars from colliding. Once the cooking is completed, the containers are left to cool and check that they are properly closed.
Finally, labeled, specifying the date of preparation, and stored in one place, cool and not humid.
So simple, following this process can last you calmly canned two to three years.


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(Clostridium botulinum)
careful with this germ, as occurs in canning when not been carefully crafted.
It is very important when homemade preserves are made, keep all the care and cleaning possible.
The most important thing is to make homemade preserves HYGIENE. But this is what I mentioned previously.

We must take care greatly from the tools we use to clean the place where we will develop the preserves.
We sterilize the jars and lids, each separately, letting it boil at least thirty minutes and then when we get him out of the pot it is advisable not to touch them with your hands, but use tweezers.
Once you are out of the pot, fill them until 1 cm distance from the top; the cover and we put in the well-covered pot of water, let it boil for at least thirty minutes.
After this time, let cool in the same pot, we take them out and put them face down for a week, so make sure they are well sealed.
When using, if the lid is bulging,  there are mushrooms in preserves or open the lid if the gases are noticed,

Dispose !!!!

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