Today we will cook a traditional dish of Spanish Cuisine, the Recipe for Beef Stew; and we will make a very simple way, in addition we serve to have a dish for several days if we wish, like all stews the more rested this better, so we can cook the day before and so we recipe ready for lunch. Let´s go, Foodies;-)

– 1 kg of meat to cook (a meat 2nd, which is a dish according to the household economy).
– 1 onion cut into squares.
– 2 cloves of garlic cut into squares.
– 1 glass of white wine.
– Paprika, parsley, bay leaf, salt.
Olive oil.

The first thing to do is to season it and let it stand, ideally will add the garlic and salt and leave for a few hours.
Then, in a pie plate with olive oil we fry a little, add the chopped onion, pepper, paprika, garlic and bay leaf; finally the white wine.
And cook until the meat is tender.
To accelerate the process, we can cook the Recipe for Stewed Meat in a pressure cooker, so it will take no more than half an hour to be made flesh; For optimal results, first we’ll take the ingredients as I have said before we left to do for a few minutes and finally close the pot so that just made; no more difficult !!! We serve together with some fries and a canned peppers.



Sweetbreads Recipe
Sweetbreads Recipe

The Veal Sweetbreads is a difficult dish to find in any restaurant that boasts about having Quality Cuisine. It really is a dish very obsolete, to me it has particularly taken me get them in my usual carnage, even I also managed to buy half a kilogram to present this dish, recipe offal, which together with that I previously prepared are authentic dishes High Gastronomy.

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉
– Middle kilogram of veal sweetbreads.
– An onion cut into squares.
– Two cloves of garlic.
– Half a glass of white wine.
Olive oil, salt and parsley.

First and foremost for this recipe, as in other recipes offal is cleaning the veal sweetbreads; We use cold water with ice cubes to remove all traces of blood.
Below the blanch in boiling water for 5 minutes, remove from heat and go through cold water.
Now with a knife we ​​remove them nerves, chop to shape.
In a skillet with olive oil, fry until slightly browned and set aside.
In the same pan, to seize the olive oil gilded onion and a little garlic, add the wine and parsley branch (the latter retired after).
We can optionally add to the sauce a little paprika sauce is to us color.
Add the sweetbreads and we make a very low heat for half an hour. Thus we have the dish prepared and ready to taste. Bless you!!!!!.

Veal Sweetbreads
Veal Stweetbreads
Cooking Sweetbreads
Cooking Sweetbreads

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Stewed Tongue Recipe


Beef Stewed Tongue
Beef Stewed Tongue

Today we continue with another Recipe Offal, in this case a very easy recipe to make; and that certainly is a recipe for High Authentic Cuisine.
Let’s go, Foodies !!!! 😉
– A beef tongue (about 500 grams).
– A medium onion.
– 2 cloves of garlic.
– Half a glass of white wine.
– Olive oil, salt, flour and parsley.

First, we wash well with plenty of cold water and beef tongue.
Then set it to boil for 10 minutes over high heat. Remove from heat and remove the white cloth that forms in all tongue, it is a strong fabric so we use a knife, be patient and careful to not cut off.
Below we put it in a pan with olive oil, onion cut into tiny squares like garlic. The gilded for 2 or 3 minutes pour the glass of white wine. So the let cook over medium heat until soft this well. (Half an hour).
When he is ready, we remove from the pot and cut into slices.
Moreover, add to the sauce a teaspoon of flour over very low heat and pour over the slices.
We chop very small few sprigs of parsley and decorate the plate. Ready to taste!!!.

Cooking Beef Tongue
Cooking Beef Tongue

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We started with the Beef Tripe Recipe, which in relation to offal recipes is that more processing time will take us.
The first observation to be made is that the Beef Tripe must be very clean, for it will leave them overnight in a pot with water and vinegar.
We started, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!
– 2 kg of beef tripe.
– 2 pig´s trotters.
– 2 onions.
– 200 grams of sausage cut into squares.
– 200 grams of ham cut into squares.
– 3 garlic.

– 2 grated tomatoes.
– 1/2 cup of white wine.
Olive oil, salt, sweet and hot peppers, some sprigs of parsley.

Once clean tripe cut into squares and add to a pot with water, put to boil over high heat for 10 minutes.
Below the remove from the heat and we add another pot with water, salt, parsley, 1 garlic ½ onion, let cook until they are very tender.

In another pot, add the trotters and put them to cook with little water for 20 minutes until very tender. We reserve the resultant water.

Once they have cooked, remove from the fire and debone, add them to another pot and also add tripe, cook over medium heat until they are perfectly integrated.
In a saucepan we prepare the sauce, olive oil, an onion cut into squares, 2 garlic cut into squares, paprika, ham and sausage; ……. we fry a few minutes and add the grated tomato ……… ……. we left a few minutes and finally add the white wine. We left a few minutes over low heat.
Finally we add all the sauce to the pot with tripe and trotters.
Let cook over medium heat and slowly add the broth of pig’s feet (that will be what we gelatin).

We cook for at least one hour over low heat, tripe should be very gelatinous, and much seasoning salt, pepper and a little spicy.

The exaltation of the Spanish Cuisine. A Tipical dish of Madrid. Bless you!!



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manitas cerdo3


Cod with Pig´s trotters



First and foremost, this recipe is for cleaning the hands; we do it under the tap and in a bowl with very cold water, ice and salt.

– We use 4 or 5 trotters.
– 2 medium onions.
– 2 cloves of garlic.
– 2 carrots.
– Grated tomato.
– 2 glasses of white wine.
– Sweet and spicy peppers.
Olive oil, salt, a sheet of laurel.
– A piece of ham (jamón) cut into squares.
– Ñora a pepper for the Stew (optional).

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉

Then, we put the trotters in a pot and let it boil over high heat.
By the time they start to boil add the seasonings, a bay leaf, half an onion and 2 medium carrots, a jet of white wine and finally the salt; and we continue boiling.
If you use a pressure cooker left it closed about 15 minutes, however the hands should be soft.

In a saucepan we prepare the sauce:
add olive oil, a chopped medium onion, garlic, also finely chopped, grated tomatoes, cubed ham, and peppers; we left about 10 minutes over medium heat.
After this time, add half a glass of white wine. We left a few minutes over low heat so that the ingredients are blended.
Now slowly add the resulting broth to cook the trotters well as the same Pig´s trotters to go by becoming gradually; At first the fire should be medium and go by downloading gradually to be made slowly, stirring constantly. So for about an hour and you are ready to enjoy .!!!

Pig´s Trotters Recipe
Pig´s Trotters Recipe

A variation of this recipe is to prepare trotters as the basis of a cod fillet, as I stated in the photograph at the top.
You only have to boil in a saucepan prepare itself apart cod and mashed potatoes.
To put the pig´s trotters recipe  over mashed potatoes on top and cod. Ready!!!!

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Chicken meat, is currently the cheapest on the market, in addition to this and due to its price even pays off fatten chickens with chicken or chemically unhealthy substances for our body, since economically compensated; therefore consuming chicken meat in addition to savings in practice shopping cart are consuming one of the healthiest meats for our body.

Made this introduction will prepare in this post the Roast Chicken Recipe, which we will be very useful when you do not have much time to cook or want to prepare a low-fat recipe, accompanied by a salad, prove a formidable meal.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!! ,, 😉


– A chicken or chicken parts, stringer, back, wings ….
– Olive oil
– Lemon and salt.
– A bay leaf (optional).

We light the oven to maximum.

We started putting the pieces of chicken in a baking pan, we spread the olive oil, salted or squeeze half lemon, according to the amount of chicken that we will prepare, over the meat.

We put the pan in the oven and we will be turning the meat every 15 minutes or so until it is fully gold while we are going watering with juice.
Moreover as with the Roast Lamb Recipe and roast in general all is essential to monitor the amount of water in the pan; if there is too much water, the skin of the flesh did not stay crispy and if there is little water, burn the skin; therefore, every time we turn the chicken water correct, ie, if this dry griddle pour some water over the meat, we can also take water mixed with lemon juice, so until fully browned on all parts.

In case we cook a whole chicken in the carnage we leave it completely clean and at home, we tie it with twine, from the neck to the uprights, so we avoid disposing while cooking. Also we spread olive oil and salt inside.





This week has given me a wild rabbit, freshly hunted the poor ….. so I stand to not prepare a classic Rabbit Recipe, like all stews and very easy to practice, paying attention to the raw materials we use Rabbit especially since today is very difficult to find a wild rabbit to cook.
What is the difference between this and the one who usually buy in the supermarket?
As the difference I like barnyard with chickens, it is the color of the flesh; in animals that are not farm-raised meat is darker and a little hard, pay attention to the cooking time, the result is a much more tasty meat.





– 1 Wild Rabbit.
– 2 cups of Chicken Soup Recipe.
– 1 onion.
–  1/4 small onions.

– 1 Glass of red wine.
– 1 Glass of white wine.
– A garrison potatoes.
– Pepper, bay leaf, salt.
– Olive oil.

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉
Cut the rabbit into medium or small chunks, according to our taste, and the difficulty we find if we do at home with our kitchen knives.
Rabbit started frying in a pan with olive oil, for we use the high heat.
Then we had a pan, in which we add the chopped onion, when lightly browned add cups chicken broth, leave it to medium heat and when it starts to boil add the wine glasses, below add the salt, bay leaf and pepper, leaving it to medium heat for about 20-30 minutes, stir occasionally with the pan handles so that all ingredients are blended.
In another skillet with olive oil a little gilded potatoes already peeled and washed garrison and onions to put them below the pan with the other ingredients.
When the broth and this thick, turn off the heat and let rest until lunchtime.



This is such a simple recipe as the key is the quality of the meat. To do choose one side or shoulder of lamb.
With this premise we can develop a simply spectacular recipe and now that the Christmas holidays are approaching.
Besides the lamb just we need water and salt and oven, of course! 😉

– Suckling Lamb.
– Water
– Salt
– Small peppers
– Potatoes garrison
– Olive oil

Let’s go, Foodies !!!

The simplicity of the ingredients is based on not remove the taste of the meat for it have “copied” the Chef Jose Andres in a video prepared pig of Segovia in “Casa Candide,” I leave your link.

Another important aspect is the oven, this must be large and with enough power to make it crunchy flesh.

Well, after this brief introduction, we go for the Lamb Recipe:
The first light the oven at full power for at least half an hour before entering the flesh, so we can get this hot well and the result is optimal, since we stay spectacularly crisp flesh.

Then we take the meat and spread with water and salt, by the way that I forgot to say that salt should be fat.
Below we threw in the pot furnace and introduce.
The secret is us very crisp is to monitor the water we take, we must take right and every 10 or 15 minutes we watch the oven so that it is not consumed at all, if we see that there is no water in the pan we taking a little each time until you are finished, depending on the size of the meat will be half an hour.
While it is doing in the oven and we watch you do not run out of water, we prepare accompaniment:
On one side the peppers fry in a little olive oil and reserve, in the same skillet toss the peeled potatoes, if they are so small it’s better not cut them so we are very beautiful plump for our presentation; We draw from the pan and reserve
When we opened the oven and see that the meat is already almost done add the potatoes to do is finish in the oven.
We leave 4 or 5 minutes and turn off the oven, from here and ready to serve.


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