We will cook the recipe better known Canarian wrinkled potatoes with mojo canario internationally.

It is to cook a small potato size, like those used to garrison and accompanied by a spicy sauce made from peppers.
This recipe is ideal as a starter or accompaniment to other dishes potatoes can be made with other sauces, according to accompany the dish is meat or fish.
Especially the Canary Mojo is excellent with any meat.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!!
Ingredients for the sauce:

– 2 dry peppers
– 1 ñora pepper
– 1 teaspoon sweet pimentos
– 2 teaspoons cumin
– 3 cloves garlic
– 1 cup olive oil
– 1/2 cup of vinegar
– 1 teaspoon coarse salt

In this recipe the only use cookware that is like mortar to prepare the alioli sauce recipe and in general for all the sauces.

The first thing to do is boil the peppers for 5 or 10 minutes.
Below peel the garlic and cut very small, cut peppers jolting seeds.
Place all ingredients (except oil and vinegar) in a mortar and crush well with the deck.
Later, add the olive oil slowly and continue pounding the deck and finally add the vinegar.
And this, ready to eat, I hope you delight 😉 !!!!!!

WRINKLED POTATOES   (Boiled Potatoes).
Potatoes or garrison potatoes.
– Coarse salt (for one kilogram of potatoes 100 grams of salt).

First we wash the potatoes very well because we are going to cook and eat with your skin.
We put the potatoes in a pot with water to cover them well and then threw salt. We boil over high heat.
Bring to the boil lower the heat and leave until the potatoes are white and soft (check by poking them with a knife). About 30 minutes.
Finally, we drain them water and we put the pot on the fire until the potatoes are white (let air balancing the pot until the end).





Vegetables: the virtues of our garden.

This proved that the consumption of vegetables reduces the risk of cancer and degenerative diseases.
According to experts, the optimal consumption of fresh vegetables is three to five servings, ie a minimum of 400 grams per day.
Along with fruits, they are the main dietary sources of vitamin C and provitamin A. Many, moreover, are excellent source of other nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, and have a low content of protein and fat. To cover the recommendations, suffice to consume vegetables in the first course and accompanying the latter, both food and dinner.

Vegetables are rich in fibers, which helps to promote intestinal transit; provide satiety, which favors those who follow slimming diets. Soluble fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease and gallstones; also it contributes, according to recent studies, to reduce the incidence of colon cancer.
During the summer season, fresh vegetables are foods that help hydrate our body because of its high water content, plus nutritional and digestive. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and low in calories. They are also a source of antioxidants. Elllo all are essential in the Mediterranean diet.




Croquettes Recipe is one of the most common fried and which can be exploited remains of other foods, meat, poultry, fish …. in this recipe it is important to make a good béchamel; for it will make a fine and thick paste, not flour, but reducing it based boil, letting it cool down time and molding nice way of using the egg and bread crumbs as needed.


– Butter 40 grams.
– Flour 75 grams.
– Milk 3/4 liter.
– Salt and nutmeg.
– Olive oil.

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉

Bechamel Recipe

In a saucepan melt butter sets, below shows the flour and cook a few minutes without letting it turn brown. We use a medium heat.
Now we add the milk and boiling and stir with the rod or a wooden spoon to prevent lumps.
If we make a classical Croquettes Recipe, this is the way to make the bechamel, if we also want to make ham, chicken or any other food, will add to the bechamel very finely.
Let cook for about 15 minutes over medium-low heat and always stirring.
Finally season them with salt and nutmeg and let cool in a bowl.
When this cold and, let shaping croquettes, passed first in flour, egg and finally through breadcrumbs and fry in hot olive oil.

Note: It is a great place to make other meals leftover us besides being hearty side dish, we must also bear in mind that the use of olive oil for frying because of its properties with fried not soak the food is fundamental to the result our recipe and as I stated in the post olive oil.

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Recipe Octopus
Recipe Octopus



We will prepare itself a typical top Spanish cuisine, the Galician octopus, is a very easy to prepare dish I particularly like an edited video on youtube chef Jose Andres which gives a simple cooking class, here the link I leave.
-A Octopus
-Get out, fat
-Olive oil
Sweet or spicy -Pimenton

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!, Let´s Recipe for Octopus;-)

Once we bought the octopus, we can freeze at least 1 day, so that this softer.
Once thawed, we remove and wash it with a knife the “one” that has at its center.
The next step is to fill a pot with water and a sprig of laurel and proceed to “scare the octopus,” that is, we introduce into the water as hot and take it out and so on about 3 times (see as they beginto curl the tentacles). Now we add a handful of coarse salt and plunged about 20 minutes to cook for.
After 20 minutes the skewers to see if it is already soft and introduce some small potatoes (cachelos), cook 10 minutes remaining.
After 30 minutes we click the octopus and potatoes if they are soft and proceed to remove them.
Cut the tentacles of the octopus with scissors and we’ll put on a plate with boiled potatoes around, finally garnish with olive oil and paprika or hot according to the taste of each; and already, ready to serve.



A typical tapa in every bar in Spain are the marinated anchovies, it is a ceviche, since the anchovies are “cooked” with lemon or vinegar as that we want to prepare. Let’s go for this much desired recipe ……

– Anchovies
– Vinegar or lemon juice or lime (to taste each) –
– Extra virgin olive oil.
– Garlic and parsley
– To the accompaniment can be used olives and crisps.

Let’s go, Foodies !! 😉
We will “convert a dish of Peruvian cuisine in one of the most classic Spanish tapas.
In the fish we asked the cleaned anchovies (head and guts); once at home is very advisable to freeze at least 24 hours to prevent the spread of anisakis.

Once you spend at least 24 hours thawed and washed well, removing any debris that might have. Below we set out the half (lengthwise) and carefully removing him let the fish skin.

We are going standing in a tupperware and sprinkle well with vinegar or lime or lemon, you know according to the taste of each if you like stronger or less strong flavor, then add them to the sliced ​​garlic and let it marinate all night in the fridge.
In the morning, or when we go to eat them out of the refrigerator, we throw the vinegar and add a splash of vinegar and a extra virgin olive oil; Very often we decorate with chopped parsley and olives ….. And ready to serve.

Padron peppers Recipe


A Spanish classical cover to accompany meat or fish or just serve alone as a starter or to accompany a wine or beer.
Very easy to cook, only click the peppers with a knife or fork to not jump to fry us.
We put on the fire a pan with plenty of olive oil, when hot oil well, toss the peppers one or two minutes, remove and sprinkle with the coarse salt, and is ready for tasting. 😉

Padron peppers
Padron peppers


I go to prepare a delicious appetizer with olives, olive oil, which I bought this morning and herbs of my little kitchen garden.
The starters of olives are typical here in Spain to accompany drinks and vermouths, which often occur as well marinated or, in my case I have prepared with the following ingredients.

– Some fresh thyme
– Some fresh oregano
– Some fresh parsley
– Extra virgin olive oil
– a bit of salt
– Half a teaspoon of cumin
– A little paprika
– A little garlic
– A few drops of lemon
– A sprig of laurel
– nutmeg
Let’s go,Foodies !!! 😉

All these ingredients I have crushed in a mortar, but the laurel, then I put the olives in a tupperware and pour over them the paste, I place amid laurel and let marinate overnight.
The result is as follows…….



We will make an entry in the form of avocado salad, and very easy to make with ingredients that vary according to the taste of diners or even to take some rest we have in the fridge.

– An avocado
– A few gulas
– 4 mussels
– Thawed crab 1pata
– 4 cooked prawns
– For the vinaigrette: a little red, green, pepper vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
– salt
– For cocktail sauce: tomato sauce, mayonnaise, a teaspoon of brandy, a few drops of Perrins sauce.

– Presentation with a few leaves of salad and Modena balsamic reduction.

Let’s go, Foodies!! 😉

Here we go, we open first half avocado and took the nugget and meat, being careful not to break it (it is very easy to peel if the avocado is ripe, “in point” to consume).
Booked the skin and the flesh into small cubes depart reserving with Nugget to be no “oxide” to consumption.
We will mix the remaining ingredients; the guides with mussels halved, starting leg crab taquitos ……. reserve.
Prepare the vinaigrette; departed in very small pieces of diced green and red peppers add a splash of vinegar other extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, mix and set aside.
We make the cocktail sauce by mixing mayonnaise and tomato sauce, a teaspoon of brandy and a few drops of Perrins, mix and set aside.

Finally we mix tacos avocado with the remaining ingredients, place two prawns each avocado half, add the vinaigrette and mix well everything, incorporate a shell avocado and at one end add the pink sauce and this is the result ……….

Avocado Starter

Avocado Starter

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We will continue with another “cold soup”, and of course, also typical of Andalusian cuisine, the Salmorejo.
Like the gazpacho is just as healthy, tasty and very, very rich in vitamins and antioxidants as raw material mainly is the tomato.

-7 Tomatoes
A little bread crumbs from the previous day (depending on individual taste, as it is to give thick soup)
Extra virgin olive -Olive
-A clove of garlic

Let’s go!!, Foodies 😉

It is very easy, very easy, processing, follow the same steps as Gazpacho Recipe.
We leave the tomatoes into pieces with garlic and went through the masher.
Next add the crumbs (you know the taste of each one to make it more or less thick); the generous jet oil vinegar and had another one minute for the blender to make it well mixed ….. and you’re ready for the refrigerator to cool.
To emplatarlo is seasoned with bits of ham, you know this as good in Spain; and it is well, well presented if we let a few minutes in the oven or microwave so that it will be perfect ……

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Let’s start with this dish of Andalusian cuisine, in addition to its properties and health benefits (it consists of vegetables and fruit, tomato) will bring us lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; side by side Salmorejo cold soup, is the most refreshing and tasty to eat in the summer months recipe.


-a Red pepper
-A Green pepper
Two medium cucumbers
Three tomatoes
-Half an onion
-A Garlic
A little vinegar
-A Generous splash of extra virgin olive oil

Let’s go!!!, Foodies 😉
All the vegetables cut into pieces, I personally do not cucumber hair, providing vitamins that say they have skin.
Once all peeled in a bowl, I add some water and a blender step without actually grind everything.
Then I go all the ingredients adding a potato masher to set aside the skin of tomatoes and peppers.

The trick to pass first through the blender a little, facilitate our work with the potato masher. 😉

Once this is done, only you need to add the splash of vinegar, salt and oil to taste, is passed back to the mixer so that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
We put it in the fridge before serving, so that it is chilly, chilly and very rich, very rich.
For the presentation goes to individual taste, are usually added a few pieces of pepper or cucumber, I personally only add a splash of oil since the cucumber skin and gives quite thick.
That ye be the last picture I prepared gazpacho.



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