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All healthy recipes and traditional cuisine, to increase our level of health and wellness. Recipes to cook at home so easy.


Hello foodies, I want to dedicate this page to introduce and comment that is what I intend to edit this blog.
I, like many people in Spain and the rest of the world, have suffered this serious economic crisis that has led many to unemployment and hopelessness.
But as I read in some media about an interview with a new entrepreneur, like many that have emerged from the “ashes” of the crisis:
“Crises are times of opportunity”
The meet a labor market gap, makes us wring our heads and find a formula out of it somehow, many, the majority, find the “remedy” in our hobies; we redesigned and adapt to a new profession.
This is the basis of the beginning of my blog, I found in my Hobie Kitchen, a way to express myself and get you all, a way in which cooking, healthy, well get a higher quality of life and enjoy with it. And if you wonder how it came to me this precious hobie I tell you:

Remembering my grandmother cooking your meatballs every Saturday in the kitchen coal bar “Poppy”, reminding her and her cooking tips, presentation and that the secret of a good dish is meat, fish is cooked or cooking slowly and lovingly.
By this memory that is so precious to me I wanted to dedicate the blog to it and hence the logo is a poppy in memory to any past moment is unforgettable.

In memory of my grandmother


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