We ended the week with a Dessert Recipe that not a lot to post to any dessert.
This is a Traditional Recipe, a little laborious since you must be stirring continuously, without a doubt, the result is worth it, Let’s go, Foodies 😉

I must stress that for this recipe rice that we use must be of very good quality, the starch will be crucial for the grains are dissolved as if it were a cream.

– 1/4 kilogram of rice 1st quality.
– Water 1/4
– 1/4 sugar.
– Milk necessary.
– 1 lemon peel.
– 1 stick of cinnamon and a little salt.

Come on!!! We started putting water in a pot and milk in the same amounts, in our recipe 1/4 each; add the lemon peel and cinnamon stick.
Add the rice and a pinch of salt.
Turn on the medium-low heat; and let it start to boil, stirring constantly, as you go making rice we add cold milk and continue stirring ………
Once cooked, add the sugar, we leave it 2-3 minutes and serve:.
For presentation we can sprinkle with cinnamon or burnt sugar.

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