We ended the week with a Dessert Recipe that not a lot to post to any dessert.
This is a Traditional Recipe, a little laborious since you must be stirring continuously, without a doubt, the result is worth it, Let’s go, Foodies 😉

I must stress that for this recipe rice that we use must be of very good quality, the starch will be crucial for the grains are dissolved as if it were a cream.

– 1/4 kilogram of rice 1st quality.
– Water 1/4
– 1/4 sugar.
– Milk necessary.
– 1 lemon peel.
– 1 stick of cinnamon and a little salt.

Come on!!! We started putting water in a pot and milk in the same amounts, in our recipe 1/4 each; add the lemon peel and cinnamon stick.
Add the rice and a pinch of salt.
Turn on the medium-low heat; and let it start to boil, stirring constantly, as you go making rice we add cold milk and continue stirring ………
Once cooked, add the sugar, we leave it 2-3 minutes and serve:.
For presentation we can sprinkle with cinnamon or burnt sugar.




Today we will cook a traditional dish of Spanish Cuisine, the Recipe for Beef Stew; and we will make a very simple way, in addition we serve to have a dish for several days if we wish, like all stews the more rested this better, so we can cook the day before and so we recipe ready for lunch. Let´s go, Foodies;-)

– 1 kg of meat to cook (a meat 2nd, which is a dish according to the household economy).
– 1 onion cut into squares.
– 2 cloves of garlic cut into squares.
– 1 glass of white wine.
– Paprika, parsley, bay leaf, salt.
Olive oil.

The first thing to do is to season it and let it stand, ideally will add the garlic and salt and leave for a few hours.
Then, in a pie plate with olive oil we fry a little, add the chopped onion, pepper, paprika, garlic and bay leaf; finally the white wine.
And cook until the meat is tender.
To accelerate the process, we can cook the Recipe for Stewed Meat in a pressure cooker, so it will take no more than half an hour to be made flesh; For optimal results, first we’ll take the ingredients as I have said before we left to do for a few minutes and finally close the pot so that just made; no more difficult !!! We serve together with some fries and a canned peppers.




Come up with a Stew Recipe, typical dish in Spanish Cuisine and throughout the world cuisine.
I get tired of saying to prepare stews besides being a dish that contributes to our domestic economy because it is very economical it will be very practical in our everyday life as well as we ready the day before and for lunch the next day will fully rested, also helping us to our economy of time we devote to family meals and the house in general.
No more let’s go, Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉


– 400 Grams of lentils.
– Half an onion cut into squares.
– 2 Cloves of garlic, minced.
– 2 Carrots cut into squares.
– Medium chopped bell pepper.
– 2 Sausages.
– 2 Potatoes.
– Water, Olive Oil, salt, paprika and bay leaf.

We started  putting a pot on a little olive oil, add below the onion, garlic, carrots, bay leaf, pepper and a bit of tomato sauce; let it simmer.
Then add the lentils and water enough so that the cover and 2 fingers left over quantity.
Let it boil over high heat and add the sausages and peeled and cut into slices to retain all potato starch also get a consistent broth.
Add salt.
and let cook until soft potatoes and lentils.



Sweetbreads Recipe
Sweetbreads Recipe

The Veal Sweetbreads is a difficult dish to find in any restaurant that boasts about having Quality Cuisine. It really is a dish very obsolete, to me it has particularly taken me get them in my usual carnage, even I also managed to buy half a kilogram to present this dish, recipe offal, which together with that I previously prepared are authentic dishes High Gastronomy.

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉
– Middle kilogram of veal sweetbreads.
– An onion cut into squares.
– Two cloves of garlic.
– Half a glass of white wine.
Olive oil, salt and parsley.

First and foremost for this recipe, as in other recipes offal is cleaning the veal sweetbreads; We use cold water with ice cubes to remove all traces of blood.
Below the blanch in boiling water for 5 minutes, remove from heat and go through cold water.
Now with a knife we ​​remove them nerves, chop to shape.
In a skillet with olive oil, fry until slightly browned and set aside.
In the same pan, to seize the olive oil gilded onion and a little garlic, add the wine and parsley branch (the latter retired after).
We can optionally add to the sauce a little paprika sauce is to us color.
Add the sweetbreads and we make a very low heat for half an hour. Thus we have the dish prepared and ready to taste. Bless you!!!!!.

Veal Sweetbreads
Veal Stweetbreads
Cooking Sweetbreads
Cooking Sweetbreads

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