Alioli Sauce
Alioli Sauce

It is a typically Mediterranean Recipe Sauce, ideal to accompany from a boiled potatoes, Roast Chicken Recipe to paella and also not to mention any kind of Vegetable.

Let´s go, Foodies!!!
– The yolk of an egg.
Olive oil.
– Middle garlic.
– Salt.
The only cooking utensil we need to make this recipe is a mortar.
In this chop mortar, which often means more garlic and grind, below we take the egg yolk and salt and begin to mix the ingredients always stirring in the same direction (because, if we change we can cut the sauce).
When they are well blended ingredients we pour olive oil very slowly, since the sauce will not ligate.
So we go on without stopping stirring and pouring oil in small quantities until a consistent sauce.
And is ready to eat; it is important that if we do not consume all we throw at the end of the meal as to bring egg can cause an outbreak of salmonerosis if we let both inside and outside the refrigerator to take advantage later.

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