Term post this week with a dessert recipe that helps us digest croquettes recipe and the wild rabbit recipe this week 😉

So let us prepare for what lies ahead next week with the start of the holidays and all the gourmet cuisine prepared 😉

This cream cookie recipe is a traditional, very traditional recipe that my grandmother gave me, are common ingredients we use in the kitchen, the only difficulty is getting the cream, it can be close to a farm and buy milk fresh, boiled at home and take the cream, this is something a bit tricky depending on where we live or get a cream for pastry at the supermarket.

In my case I managed to buy the fresh cream to a farmer who sells milk near my home, I’ve been lucky !. But not detract cream bought also the result that we ensure that it has passed all health checks required.

So without further ado, let the recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

– 1 cup cream
– 1 cup of sugar

– 2 eggs
– A teaspoon of baking
– Flour (necessary to knead).

First, we mix the cream and sugar basic route very well until both ingredients are integrated. Now we add the teaspoon of baking soda and eggs and return to beat until all very united.
It’s time to put the flour into a paste that does not stick to your fingers.
Once we have worked sufficiently dough, knead about 15 minutes, we can extend it with a roller and go forming the cookies. The maximum light the oven so that it warms …..
Below the will put in the oven tray on baking paper to prevent sticking and we put, as every oven is different, the approximate time is 15 minutes but we have to be mindful that they start to brown, is and then when we get turned off. And this, we just need to start to cool taste them.

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