This is such a simple recipe as the key is the quality of the meat. To do choose one side or shoulder of lamb.
With this premise we can develop a simply spectacular recipe and now that the Christmas holidays are approaching.
Besides the lamb just we need water and salt and oven, of course! 😉

– Suckling Lamb.
– Water
– Salt
– Small peppers
– Potatoes garrison
– Olive oil

Let’s go, Foodies !!!

The simplicity of the ingredients is based on not remove the taste of the meat for it have “copied” the Chef Jose Andres in a video prepared pig of Segovia in “Casa Candide,” I leave your link.

Another important aspect is the oven, this must be large and with enough power to make it crunchy flesh.

Well, after this brief introduction, we go for the Lamb Recipe:
The first light the oven at full power for at least half an hour before entering the flesh, so we can get this hot well and the result is optimal, since we stay spectacularly crisp flesh.

Then we take the meat and spread with water and salt, by the way that I forgot to say that salt should be fat.
Below we threw in the pot furnace and introduce.
The secret is us very crisp is to monitor the water we take, we must take right and every 10 or 15 minutes we watch the oven so that it is not consumed at all, if we see that there is no water in the pan we taking a little each time until you are finished, depending on the size of the meat will be half an hour.
While it is doing in the oven and we watch you do not run out of water, we prepare accompaniment:
On one side the peppers fry in a little olive oil and reserve, in the same skillet toss the peeled potatoes, if they are so small it’s better not cut them so we are very beautiful plump for our presentation; We draw from the pan and reserve
When we opened the oven and see that the meat is already almost done add the potatoes to do is finish in the oven.
We leave 4 or 5 minutes and turn off the oven, from here and ready to serve.


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