Let’s do a simple Dessert Recipe that besides antioxidant is a digestible and Healthy Cooking Recipe, especially after a heavy meal of Christmas.

The Apple Cream Recipe is very easy to prepare, you can even make moments before serving dessert.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!
– 6 apples.
– 3 egg yolks.
– Water for cooking.
– 1 cinnamon stick.
– 2 tablespoons sugar.

We started peeling and cutting into pieces the apples, pour into a saucepan with water and put to boil on high heat with cinnamon stick.
When the apple pieces are waste, remove the cinnamon and add the egg yolks and sugar, cook over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes. we have the recipe, and is ready to serve, the ideal presentation apple cream is an earthenware bowl and burned at the top, for it can use a current burner need not be haute cuisine.
Take advantage!!!

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Clams with Beans
Clams with Beans

This recipe is closely related to the one just published, white Beans Recipe and one of my first post and one of my favorite recipes, which never fails my Christmas meals, Clams Recipe.
Typical dishes of the cuisine of northern Spain, and therefore an exaltation of the Spanish Cuisine.
Withe Beans with clams Recipe, very simple to perform.

Let the recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!! 😉

– 1 kg. white beans.
– 1/2 kg of clams.
– Parsley.
– 1 onion.
– 1 clove of garlic.
– Olive oil and salt.

Come I said in the previous post prescription white beans, in this case we leave the beans to soak the night before.
The first thing we do the next day is the bean stew; to pour it in the pot, the water we cover, so that we exceed at least one finger, add the onion and finely chopped garlic, parsley and a splash of olive oil.
Below let it boil over medium heat, we must monitor not to remain without water, and they always have a surplus level finger, in this way we stay a very tasty and filling soup.

We prepare clams apart by Clams Recipe.

Finally, we mix the pil pil with clams into the pot of beans and we continue to a boil over low heat so that the ingredients are blended, add salt. And you’re ready to enjoy !!!


White Bean Recipe
White Bean Recipe

Today Christmas Eve before my post is dedicated to the typical and traditional  Spanish Recipe, La Fabada Asturiana, useless would use every word in the dictionary to describe this dish is the exaltation of Spanish Cuisine, known worldwide from Spain to Beijing.
A very simple Recipe to make, one need only consider two premises, have a high quality raw materials and spend some time for slow cooking so with a unique result.
We go for the White Bean Recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

– 1 kg. White beans
– 2 sausages, 2 sausages (stuffing). Compango. (Chorizo, Morcilla, Jamón, Panceta, Lacón).
– 1 piece of jamon, 1 piece of bacon and 1 piece of bacon
– Half cup olive oil
– 1 tablespoon paprika
– Water and salt
We started the night before leaving the beans to soak overnight if we are going to cook in the evening as in the morning we will leave no less than 8 hours of soaking.
In the pot we have selected, place the stuffing and put it over the beans. We cover with water and add the olive oil and paprika; We turn on the heat to high.
Bring to the boil, let removing the foam that forms on the surface and lower the heat to low, so they go soft baking.
To remove not use the bucket because it can break the beans, can only be done by removing the pot so all ingredients are integrated and get a thick broth. And this, if we do it in a common pot will take about 2 hours to cook; but also what we can do with a pressure cooker in this case depends on the pot but in half an hour we can have done; if we open and the beans are a little hard, we can finish cooking over medium heat until done.
We can cook in the evening and so we have prepared for the next day 😉 (this is a highly prized culinary resource for those who work outside the home and arrive at noon just in time).
The recipe should be relaxed, the more rest better, the stock will be thicker and more tasty food as I mentioned in previous post:
Black Bean  Stew Recipe

Chickpea Stew Recipe






Seafood cooking time.

Seafood is so time will expose a small table of cooking times to get the optimum point of each seafood.
Shellfish are classified into three groups:

The first, like the lobster, lobster, Norway lobster, Shrimp, Prawn, Spider crab, the Necora, the Crab, the Barnacle, , Shrimp, etc ….

Some Mollusks are Clams, Mussels, Oysters, Coquina, the Cockle, the Razor, the Chirla, periwinkle, etc ….

Cephalopods such as Squid, Choco, Octopus, Pota, etc …. some do not consider it lacking shell seafood such as mollusks, crustaceans or carapace like but technically are.

The cooking, as we do, with sea water or salted water ?. I prefer the sea water, but as always we have at hand, water in the proportion indicated coarse salt is also very good.

And here I point about the use of coarse salt, not salt we use in common kitchen and salts used for salads (which we also be too expensive, would not get the salt in the cpccion we want).
The ideal ratio is between 50 and 70 grams of COARSE SALT per liter of cold water and dissolve while being heated.
The crustacean is convenient to kill him before boiling, if you do not start cooking with cold water.


Cooking Table SEAFOOD

– Big Lobster, 1 kg. 1 1/2 kg. .de …………. 28-30 minutes.
– Lobster medium, 500 to 800 grams .of ……… 18-20 minutes.
– Large lobster, 1 kg. 1 1/2 kg. ……………… .de 28-30 minutes.
– Medium Lobster, 250 to 600 grams …………. 15 to 20 minutes.
– Ox large sea, 1kg. 1 1/2 kg. .de …………. 20-25 minutes.
– Ox medium sea, 600 to 900 grams …… .of 18-20 minutes.
– Large Centollo, 1kg. 1 1/2 kg. .de ………………. 20-25 minutes.
– Centollo medium, 600-900 grams of .de …………. 18-20 minutes.
– Necora, 80 to 120 grams …………………………. 08 to 12 minutes.
– Crab, 50 to 100 grams …………….. 05 to 10 minutes.
– Large Cigalas, 150 to 250 grams ……………. 03 to 04 minutes.
– Cigalas medium, 50 to 150 grams …………… 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes.
– Large shrimp, 90 to 120 grams ………….. 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes.
– Barnacles ……………….. 1/2 to 1 minute maximum.
– Large police …………………………………….. 3 to approximately 4 minutes.
– Cañaílla ………………………………………… …………. 8 minutes approximately.
– Periwinkles ………………………………………… …………….. approximately two minutes.
– Octopus ………………………………………… ……………….. (see Octopus Recipe).

Regarding Shrimp, small Shrimp, Prawns, Shellfish cooked for is different and specific time; seafood gets into the pot with water and boiling it and sinks to the bottom, it moves a little, and in no time begins to rise to the surface. When this almost everything is pulled up quickly and placed in a container with water and ice; expected 3 minutes and removed, remove it with salt, half an hour before being served.





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Term post this week with a dessert recipe that helps us digest croquettes recipe and the wild rabbit recipe this week 😉

So let us prepare for what lies ahead next week with the start of the holidays and all the gourmet cuisine prepared 😉

This cream cookie recipe is a traditional, very traditional recipe that my grandmother gave me, are common ingredients we use in the kitchen, the only difficulty is getting the cream, it can be close to a farm and buy milk fresh, boiled at home and take the cream, this is something a bit tricky depending on where we live or get a cream for pastry at the supermarket.

In my case I managed to buy the fresh cream to a farmer who sells milk near my home, I’ve been lucky !. But not detract cream bought also the result that we ensure that it has passed all health checks required.

So without further ado, let the recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

– 1 cup cream
– 1 cup of sugar

– 2 eggs
– A teaspoon of baking
– Flour (necessary to knead).

First, we mix the cream and sugar basic route very well until both ingredients are integrated. Now we add the teaspoon of baking soda and eggs and return to beat until all very united.
It’s time to put the flour into a paste that does not stick to your fingers.
Once we have worked sufficiently dough, knead about 15 minutes, we can extend it with a roller and go forming the cookies. The maximum light the oven so that it warms …..
Below the will put in the oven tray on baking paper to prevent sticking and we put, as every oven is different, the approximate time is 15 minutes but we have to be mindful that they start to brown, is and then when we get turned off. And this, we just need to start to cool taste them.

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This week has given me a wild rabbit, freshly hunted the poor ….. so I stand to not prepare a classic Rabbit Recipe, like all stews and very easy to practice, paying attention to the raw materials we use Rabbit especially since today is very difficult to find a wild rabbit to cook.
What is the difference between this and the one who usually buy in the supermarket?
As the difference I like barnyard with chickens, it is the color of the flesh; in animals that are not farm-raised meat is darker and a little hard, pay attention to the cooking time, the result is a much more tasty meat.





– 1 Wild Rabbit.
– 2 cups of Chicken Soup Recipe.
– 1 onion.
–  1/4 small onions.

– 1 Glass of red wine.
– 1 Glass of white wine.
– A garrison potatoes.
– Pepper, bay leaf, salt.
– Olive oil.

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉
Cut the rabbit into medium or small chunks, according to our taste, and the difficulty we find if we do at home with our kitchen knives.
Rabbit started frying in a pan with olive oil, for we use the high heat.
Then we had a pan, in which we add the chopped onion, when lightly browned add cups chicken broth, leave it to medium heat and when it starts to boil add the wine glasses, below add the salt, bay leaf and pepper, leaving it to medium heat for about 20-30 minutes, stir occasionally with the pan handles so that all ingredients are blended.
In another skillet with olive oil a little gilded potatoes already peeled and washed garrison and onions to put them below the pan with the other ingredients.
When the broth and this thick, turn off the heat and let rest until lunchtime.




Croquettes Recipe is one of the most common fried and which can be exploited remains of other foods, meat, poultry, fish …. in this recipe it is important to make a good béchamel; for it will make a fine and thick paste, not flour, but reducing it based boil, letting it cool down time and molding nice way of using the egg and bread crumbs as needed.


– Butter 40 grams.
– Flour 75 grams.
– Milk 3/4 liter.
– Salt and nutmeg.
– Olive oil.

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉

Bechamel Recipe

In a saucepan melt butter sets, below shows the flour and cook a few minutes without letting it turn brown. We use a medium heat.
Now we add the milk and boiling and stir with the rod or a wooden spoon to prevent lumps.
If we make a classical Croquettes Recipe, this is the way to make the bechamel, if we also want to make ham, chicken or any other food, will add to the bechamel very finely.
Let cook for about 15 minutes over medium-low heat and always stirring.
Finally season them with salt and nutmeg and let cool in a bowl.
When this cold and, let shaping croquettes, passed first in flour, egg and finally through breadcrumbs and fry in hot olive oil.

Note: It is a great place to make other meals leftover us besides being hearty side dish, we must also bear in mind that the use of olive oil for frying because of its properties with fried not soak the food is fundamental to the result our recipe and as I stated in the post olive oil.

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We entered the winter and almost nothing better than a fish stew and potatoes restorative for both our stomach, and our palate.
I’ll post a typical dish in Spanish Cuisine such as the pot or marmitako.
This Recipe for tuna kettle am sure you will love it and it can be done with various blue fish both as white.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!
– 1 kg. of tuna
– 5 medium potatoes
– 1 large onion
– 2 green peppers
1 liter fish soup
– 1/2 cup white wine
– 1 tablespoon pepper
– 1 teaspoon paprika
– 1 Guindilla
– 1 tomato

– 1 Garlic
– Finally, a bay leaf, olive oil and salt.
We started chopping the onion into strips and peppers into strips, garlic, we chop it very small and add all the ingredients to a pan with olive oil, put it on low heat and add the paprika and bay leaf.
Then add the grated tomato, stir and continue with the very low heat so that all ingredients are blended.
When this enough poached and add the white wine and let the alcohol evaporate up the fire.
Now is the time to take the potatoes and cut into “cachelos” broken off so that in this way we get a thicker broth thanks to the starch released.
Add the fish broth, put the heat to high until it starts to boil, lower the heat and leave for half an hour (we cover the pan); When the potatoes are soft tacos nice add about 3 minutes, stirring the pot by the handles (since if stir with bucket can break the potatoes and fish).
For best results it’s time to turn off the heat and cover the pan so they just made tuna heat without disintegrating.
Ideally, let it stand for half an hour before serving and if left for the next day the result is spectacular since we will have achieved a thick rich broth.
It is also an option to cook at night and have dinner ready for the next day 😉


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Christmas comes and what better to prepare a typical sweet of these dates as Recipe Marron Glacé.
Despite being an easy recipe to make, you have to be very careful when preparing chestnuts, as these should not be broken, we should pay attention to the good presentation of our dishes because they must “get” first through the eyes of the diners .
Let our Recipe, Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

– Half Kg. chestnuts.
– 400 gr. of sugar.
– 1 vanilla pod or 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar.

We take a small cut in each of the chestnuts and then put them in hot water blanching about 10 minutes.
Then also we are taking away the peel, thin skin being careful not to break.
The we put in a saucepan with water and let cook until tender.

While the syrup prepared with the following ingredients;
– 1 liter of water.
– The 400 gr. of sugar
– The vanilla bean.
Mix everything in a saucepan and cook over medium heat 15 minutes.
After the minutes, we lower the heat to low and add the chestnuts, now being careful not to break the cook for about 10 minutes.
After this time, we turn off the heat and let stand chestnuts in this syrup for 24 hours.

The next day is the last step that we have the oven.
We covered baking tray and put chestnuts, one by one, carefully 😉 below the bake for 20 to 125 ° until well dried.
Let cool and ready to serve.

Do not want to be heavy and insist that what is important in this Recipe is the care that must be taken so that we do not break the chestnuts, therefore, according to the minutes graduation I gave I each taking into account that has a kitchen and oven, rather than leave them until the end of time I have given, it is preferable to go looking for doneness every so often, because chestnuts are broken very easily and although the taste does not change the presentation YUP.!!

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Surely with the Recipe for sweet dumplings walnut we have prepared a few days ago, we had some leftover stuffing; Well here is a recipe to use it and prepare a deluxe breakfast, this is a Recipe for walnut pastry.
We need a sheet of puff pastry (of which are sold in supermarkets) and nut filling recipe sweet nut pies.

We’ll take the puff pastry sheet, we left at room temperature at least half an hour before working. We light the oven to maximum temperature.
Below we put the pastry on a baking paper and stretch a little roll, we take the long walnut stuffing and close the dough.
We introduce in the oven, carefully because it will do in about 15 minutes.
When well done take it out and sprinkle with icing sugar; and now this !!! Ready for breakfast.

I drew up a half hour before breakfast to serve warm with coffee, certainly will not overrun nothing 😉


This is a quick way to make the recipe, since we bought the estate. We can also prepare ourselves pastry; It is a rather long recipe but is not complicated, just prepare a dough, make a cross and then work it with a piece of butter placed in the center;It takes us longer because we must leave at least 2 hours in the refrigerator before praparar cake and this post does not compensate us so much work, so I’ve chosen to use a purchased mass.