Season Salads Recipes



Something so easy to prepare and take as healthy as a fruit: the tomato.
Imperative that no tomatoes are in camera or rather from the refrigerator, it is important to keep them in an area of the home that is cooler, of course, another option is to take them to the ground every time we buy. 😉

The latter for those who are lucky to have a garden at home!.

Tomatoes retain their aroma and their properties alone make this gesture that I just discussed, do not put them in the fridge !!!.

To prepare the salad, we only sprinkle with olive oil and extra virgin if it is much better and salt, ideally, pink Himalayan salt or salt in petals, to give two examples. And ready here we have one of the most antioxidants recipes and nature prevents us from innumerable related diseases poor eating habits.

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