We are in autumn and quince fruit is in season. It can be eaten raw or also take advantage and make a homemade preserves them well enjoy them all year. Let’s make the homemade recipe for quince.

-1 Kilo of quince
– 700 grams of sugar
-1 Cinnamon stick
-1 Russet
-1 Jet medium lemon

Let’s go ,, Foodies !!!

Wash well and dry the quinces, below the peel and chop, do the same with apples.
The cast in a tupperware and cover everything with sugar and lemon juice.
Let stand overnight. (In the morning we will see that the quinces have released lots of water).
We put it all in a pan with the cinnamon stick over medium heat (6 numbers of the hob, at 4); let it fry until the water has evaporated, as we go stirring to avoid burning (so are a good time, between an hour and hour and a half).

When the fruit is soft withdraw the cinnamon stick, we went through the blender and continue cooking we let a few more minutes and carefully because the puree with the heat of the kitchen and long jump; careful not to burn.
After we test whether our recipe is finished, we take a spoon and put it straight in the center of the pot …… if you keep this up and ready !!
Remove from heat and pour the puree quickly into molds or containers that we have chosen to keep the sweet, let it cool, previously cover it with baking paper so that it is smooth surface and store it in a place that no light In this way we will be ready and quince last us for at least one year.
It may be formed on the surface a little mold over time, nothing happens when we go to eat with a knife withdrew that layer and the rest will be in perfect conditions for consumption.

Homemade Recipe for QUINCE
Homemade Recipe for QUINCE

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