Recipe Octopus
Recipe Octopus



We will prepare itself a typical top Spanish cuisine, the Galician octopus, is a very easy to prepare dish I particularly like an edited video on youtube chef Jose Andres which gives a simple cooking class, here the link I leave.
-A Octopus
-Get out, fat
-Olive oil
Sweet or spicy -Pimenton

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!, Let´s Recipe for Octopus;-)

Once we bought the octopus, we can freeze at least 1 day, so that this softer.
Once thawed, we remove and wash it with a knife the “one” that has at its center.
The next step is to fill a pot with water and a sprig of laurel and proceed to “scare the octopus,” that is, we introduce into the water as hot and take it out and so on about 3 times (see as they beginto curl the tentacles). Now we add a handful of coarse salt and plunged about 20 minutes to cook for.
After 20 minutes the skewers to see if it is already soft and introduce some small potatoes (cachelos), cook 10 minutes remaining.
After 30 minutes we click the octopus and potatoes if they are soft and proceed to remove them.
Cut the tentacles of the octopus with scissors and we’ll put on a plate with boiled potatoes around, finally garnish with olive oil and paprika or hot according to the taste of each; and already, ready to serve.

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