A typical tapa in every bar in Spain are the marinated anchovies, it is a ceviche, since the anchovies are “cooked” with lemon or vinegar as that we want to prepare. Let’s go for this much desired recipe ……

– Anchovies
– Vinegar or lemon juice or lime (to taste each) –
– Extra virgin olive oil.
– Garlic and parsley
– To the accompaniment can be used olives and crisps.

Let’s go, Foodies !! 😉
We will “convert a dish of Peruvian cuisine in one of the most classic Spanish tapas.
In the fish we asked the cleaned anchovies (head and guts); once at home is very advisable to freeze at least 24 hours to prevent the spread of anisakis.

Once you spend at least 24 hours thawed and washed well, removing any debris that might have. Below we set out the half (lengthwise) and carefully removing him let the fish skin.

We are going standing in a tupperware and sprinkle well with vinegar or lime or lemon, you know according to the taste of each if you like stronger or less strong flavor, then add them to the sliced ​​garlic and let it marinate all night in the fridge.
In the morning, or when we go to eat them out of the refrigerator, we throw the vinegar and add a splash of vinegar and a extra virgin olive oil; Very often we decorate with chopped parsley and olives ….. And ready to serve.

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