Here I have prepared a Caesar  Salad !!!! with lettuce to which I added shredded chicken (about leftovers that had the previous day gave me to buy a roast chicken).
Moreover I cut a piece of bread into small cubes and put to brown in the sandwich.
I shredded a piece of hard cheese and leave aside to prepare the sauce.
To prepare the sauce I followed a recipe from chef José Andrés, with the following ingredients:
– One egg
-A jet virgin olive oil
-A drop of vinegar
Two teaspoons mustard
-A pinch of salt and pepper
-Some drops of lemon
-Half or garlic (as we like spicy)
-4 To 5 anchovies
And all in a blender, then add the grated cheese and stir well to make it all integrated and pour over the leaves of lettuce previously washed and games. We pour the chicken and stir crumbled.
Then add a splash of balsamic vinegar and grate some nuts that we take over the entire ensala.
Finally add the diced bread, just in time to serve so they do not soften and ready ……



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