Chicken Soup Recipe
Chicken Soup Recipe

The cold is beginning ?; let’s warm up with a cup of chicken soup that also, we provide the basis for other many recipes.
-A piece of chicken
-Beef bone
-A piece of beef for stew
-A Bunch of celery
-A Bunch of parsley
Two medium carrots

-Half an onion
-A Garlic
-A Cut leek, green part will include, wash it well so that it contains earth.
-A Jet olive oil

Let’s go, Foodies !!!
Let us therefore chicken soup recipe is very easy to make.

To take all the ingredients to pot, add water, amount according to need; for example, to let him do some broth and another to prepare stews or cooked. If you want to freeze tetrabrick empty cans of milk, I wash well, fill with the broth and the freezer.
The tetrabrick is the best container for freezing liquids.
Once we have everything in the pot ready, we turn on the heat to high; Bring to the boil going foaming (remove with a slotted spoon foam that forms on the top). And so let it cook for about an hour.

If we do so we leave the pressure cooker about fifteen minutes; We left resting until it cools and now this.
Once cool, the tagged, let stand in the refrigerator and from two hours when fat is formed on top retired with a tablespoon, also can sneak another bowl with a cloth, so remove all traces of fat.
And you’re ready to eat.

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Recipe Octopus
Recipe Octopus



We will prepare itself a typical top Spanish cuisine, the Galician octopus, is a very easy to prepare dish I particularly like an edited video on youtube chef Jose Andres which gives a simple cooking class, here the link I leave.
-A Octopus
-Get out, fat
-Olive oil
Sweet or spicy -Pimenton

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!, Let´s Recipe for Octopus;-)

Once we bought the octopus, we can freeze at least 1 day, so that this softer.
Once thawed, we remove and wash it with a knife the “one” that has at its center.
The next step is to fill a pot with water and a sprig of laurel and proceed to “scare the octopus,” that is, we introduce into the water as hot and take it out and so on about 3 times (see as they beginto curl the tentacles). Now we add a handful of coarse salt and plunged about 20 minutes to cook for.
After 20 minutes the skewers to see if it is already soft and introduce some small potatoes (cachelos), cook 10 minutes remaining.
After 30 minutes we click the octopus and potatoes if they are soft and proceed to remove them.
Cut the tentacles of the octopus with scissors and we’ll put on a plate with boiled potatoes around, finally garnish with olive oil and paprika or hot according to the taste of each; and already, ready to serve.


I put this post to serve as an example to the culinary culture unites people, unites cultures, people socialize.
With it we enrich ourselves as persons, we increase our self-esteem and is an example of coexistence among all peoples.
Thanks to the people who make these meetings possible in such painful moments such as wars.
Thanks to all!

El Ejército da clases de cocina española en el Líbano. El destacamento de las Fuerzas Armadas Españolas en el Líbano, presentes en este país desde 2006, está

Origen: El Ejército da clases de cocina española en el Líbano


Welcome Autumn!!!!

It has already come fall, to prepare warm clothing, hats, scarves, school books and meals ………. a little more elaborate than give us support to bring down temperature .

I’ve already been on the market and have found pumpkins, carrots, nuts, berries ….. and all possible variety of fruits and vegetables of autumn, which will be the star ingredients to prepare a whole recipes easy and scrumptious.
We are in a season of the year ideal for cooking, because we have a wide variety of products that we will prepare a variety of recipes for healthy food.

Fish soup recipe, to serve alone or as fundamental to the development of other recipes, paella, marmitacos recipes, fish recipes ingredient.
Recipe chicken broth to serve only with some croutons or as essential ingredient in other dishes like vegetable purees recipes, lentils, chickpeas recipes and other vegetables, game recipes, recipes offal.
Recipe preserves, blackberry jam, apple jam, quince.
From today we start with the hot dishes of whole recipes.

Whole Food
Whole Food

No doubt we are in the season most conducive to making healthy cooking and preparing fruits of the season to consume the rest of the year, for this we will see all Recipes for Canning.


Apple Tree
Apple Tree
Autumn Landscape
Autumn Landscape



A typical tapa in every bar in Spain are the marinated anchovies, it is a ceviche, since the anchovies are “cooked” with lemon or vinegar as that we want to prepare. Let’s go for this much desired recipe ……

– Anchovies
– Vinegar or lemon juice or lime (to taste each) –
– Extra virgin olive oil.
– Garlic and parsley
– To the accompaniment can be used olives and crisps.

Let’s go, Foodies !! 😉
We will “convert a dish of Peruvian cuisine in one of the most classic Spanish tapas.
In the fish we asked the cleaned anchovies (head and guts); once at home is very advisable to freeze at least 24 hours to prevent the spread of anisakis.

Once you spend at least 24 hours thawed and washed well, removing any debris that might have. Below we set out the half (lengthwise) and carefully removing him let the fish skin.

We are going standing in a tupperware and sprinkle well with vinegar or lime or lemon, you know according to the taste of each if you like stronger or less strong flavor, then add them to the sliced ​​garlic and let it marinate all night in the fridge.
In the morning, or when we go to eat them out of the refrigerator, we throw the vinegar and add a splash of vinegar and a extra virgin olive oil; Very often we decorate with chopped parsley and olives ….. And ready to serve.

Padron peppers Recipe


A Spanish classical cover to accompany meat or fish or just serve alone as a starter or to accompany a wine or beer.
Very easy to cook, only click the peppers with a knife or fork to not jump to fry us.
We put on the fire a pan with plenty of olive oil, when hot oil well, toss the peppers one or two minutes, remove and sprinkle with the coarse salt, and is ready for tasting. 😉

Padron peppers
Padron peppers


We will now prepare another recipe with cod is just as simple to post cod previous bras.



Here’s another recipe easy to prepare cod, this time the loin or cod fillets we are going to prepare in a dish in the oven.

– 1 or 2 cod fillets 200 gr. approx. each (according to diners who are having and appetite).
– 1 Potato
– 1 Onion
– Half red pepper
– A little flour
-Olive oil
– Dressing: parsley and black olives and 2 lettuce leaves to put on each side of the fountain.

Here we go …. Let’s go Foodies!!!!;

As in the previous Recipe, if cod is desalted, we must leave it in a tupperware with water in the fridge for 48 hours at least, changing the water every 6 or 8 hours.

We started cutting potatoes into thin slices, salt it and go through the pan with oil until they begin to brown, remove and reserve.
Then cut the onion into strips and the average pepper, salted and poached in a pan, you can use the previous pan, remove and reserve.
Now gilded cod loin, previously coated in a little flour, is not recommended as putting salt cod is already salty enough especially if you’re using one desalted; also we have already salted the remaining ingredients; (But this is consumer taste).
Brown them a bit and booked.

Finally we prepare the baking dish; first we put the potatoes and then put a bit of fried onion and pepper in the bottom of the fountain placed over the back of cod and pour the remaining sauce on the side.
We put the dish in the oven preheated to 180 degrees, leaving about 15 minutes at the same temperature; and ready to enjoy …..

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Fish is a food rich in proteins, it also contains all essential amino acids it is also a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, especially oily fish, …. vitamins, minerals.
I start with this post dedicated to cod



We will prepare a recipe Cod, very easy, very nutritious, very healthy.


-200 Gr. cod.
-2 Frying potatoes.
-1 Onion.
-3 eggs.
Get out, (carefully) !!!!
-olive Oil extra virgin.
-Aderezo: Parsley and black olives.

Let’s go, Foodies !!!!

We can buy fresh cod and desalted, either serve us; in the case of salted cod desalting we will make it 48 hours changing the water every 6-8 hours and leaving it in the fridge in the meantime.

We boil water in a saucepan, when it starts to boil add the pieces of cod and blanch until the slices are separated.
After blanching, the retired we took the thorns and reserve.
Cut the onion into strips and add to a pan with extra virgin olive oil, sauté it over low heat.
On the other hand cut potatoes in the form of “straw” (that is, very, very, thin); Once you fried the reserve.

Once we have the poached onions, blanched and fried cod belt potatoes, and mix it all together all the ingredients very well so that they are fully integrated (so it is important that the potatoes are cut very thin).

Beat three eggs with a little salt, add the mixture and we pour into the pan with a little oil, let cook over very low heat, stirring constantly to prevent sticking to the pan nor burn.
The gilded few minutes.
Once this is done, it plated and garnish with parsley and black olives and Ready ….. !!!!!

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Baked Cod Recipe




Come up with a simple cup cake or muffins, but we are going to fill it with chocolate shavings as decoration.
-3 eggs
-250 Gr. milk
-1 On yeast (leavening for pastries)
-250 Gr. olive oil
-200 Gr. of sugar
-375 Gr. Of flour
-zest lemon (zest is important to add at least half a lemon, because it gives a delicious flavor to the cake)
– a bit of salt

Let’s go, Foodies !!! 😉
This Recipe is simple, beat well for a few minutes the egg yolks (this is optional, on the one hand can beat the egg whites until stiff, or beat the whole egg at a time).
If we beat them yolks add sugar and continue beating, add now clear and continue beating; add lemon zest, milk and oil and mix everything well.
Finally add the flour mixed with yeast; and we beat.
Let the mixture stand covered with plastic wrap for half an hour (until it starts to look fermentation).
Prepare cup cake molds or a large cake pan and baked at 200 degrees about 20 minutes Ready !!! we have already. To see if you are ready, prick several muffins with a knife comes out clean already.

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I go to prepare a delicious appetizer with olives, olive oil, which I bought this morning and herbs of my little kitchen garden.
The starters of olives are typical here in Spain to accompany drinks and vermouths, which often occur as well marinated or, in my case I have prepared with the following ingredients.

– Some fresh thyme
– Some fresh oregano
– Some fresh parsley
– Extra virgin olive oil
– a bit of salt
– Half a teaspoon of cumin
– A little paprika
– A little garlic
– A few drops of lemon
– A sprig of laurel
– nutmeg
Let’s go,Foodies !!! 😉

All these ingredients I have crushed in a mortar, but the laurel, then I put the olives in a tupperware and pour over them the paste, I place amid laurel and let marinate overnight.
The result is as follows…….